In conversation with US CMA alumni – Jay Narendra Samant

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In conversation with US CMA alumni – Jay Narendra Samant

Why did you choose CMA over other professional courses?

After completing my B.Com I wanted to pursue a professional course in accounting and finance. At first, I targeted for ICAI certification to get acknowledged as an Indian Chartered Accountant which unfortunately came to stop as I lacked sufficient marks on the aggregate. By then due to the Covid outbreak, the entire nation went on a lockdown, but I didn’t want to stop learning. This time I chanced upon Miles Education who was providing global certification in the accounting and finance domain. And CMA was a huge uptick to my requirements – as it is a short course with global credibility and it got a professional edge to start my career at corporates.

How did the online classes work out for you during the pandemic?

I had an excellent experience with Miles, and the journey was very smooth. It was Varun Sir’s videos that made my preparations much easier and the live webinars were enough to keep the preparation going. Being an avid learner, my doubt lists went off the charts, yet they are resolved in time and I am grateful to have such robust academic support for my CMA preparations. It was my hard work with Miles’s support that I cleared my CMA in less than six months. 

What was your choice of study material for CMA preparations?

Miles concept books were sufficient to clear the CMA exams but I wanted to get a deeper insight into the subjects, so I also went for the Wiley books. I was quite determined to give my best to the CMA exam, hence I made sure I had zero uncertainty to crack the CMA exam.

How did you prepare for CMA?

Firstly I made my mind that CMA being a professional course, I cannot go loose on the preparation and would rather be overprepared. It was regularity, determination, and practice that got me to perfection. After attending each webinar, I would go through the books to revise the concepts and then practice a lot of MCQs. It was never about how many MCQs I would solve rather how many times I would practice MCQs for each section. For doubts, I always used to revisit Varun Sir’s videos to get a better grip of the concepts. And I made sure to have practiced the question bank at least 4-5 times to finally be confident on the day of the exam.

Any tips to share for our fellow aspirants-

  •  Be confident and never lose hope
  •  Make sure you work hard
  •  Keep a count on how many times you revise
  • Lastly, practice a lot of MCQs

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