In conversation with US CPA alumni – Rohith Sai Charan Gorthi

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Why did you choose to take up CPA?

Before I enrolled with Miles for my CPA, I had completed my CMA with B.Com and had joined Deloitte USI as a consultant. During my job, I was simultaneously preparing for CA but didn’t have much luck. That was my turning point when I decided to take up CPA instead. As I already had 2 years of experience in working with Deloitte, handling US clients for tax consultation, having a CPA to my would perfectly compliment my career. This pushed me further to stay focused, be patient, and work harder towards my goal.

What was your CPA exam time-frame & how did it fit into your schedule?

Back at the end of 2018, I started my CPA journey with Miles. Initially, when I was still employed at Deloitte, I attended the classroom courses for BEC and cleared it as well. For the other three subjects, I needed more focus to get ready for the rest three exams, hence I had to quit my job which provided the needed time and space to start off with my preparation.

For each subject, it took about 2 months of preparation time.BEC was my first choice of subject for the exams and as per the plan could have completed my CPA by December 2019. Fortune did not strike well, I scheduled my exam for January, and thanks to COVID the exam was again shifted to July. What I learned in the due time was perseverance, without which probably I would have missed the pride as a CPA & CMA credited accountant.

What was your study plan for CPA?

From the classroom course, I took down each and every tip & trick from the classroom classes for the chapters which were of great help for the last-minute revisions. I also used to keep a daily record-book to pen down the new unknown that I had learned during my preparation. For MCQ practice Miles OTB was enough to keep you exercised with the subjects that you read, so I first created a strong base on the core subject matters which took about two weeks or so to complete each chapter. Then I used to practice the MCQs for the same. AUD simulation definitely was a hick-up to the preparation, for that I remembered to have had practiced quite a few times to keep my AUD prep in a grip. This way I kept my preparation strong till I appeared for the exam.

What was your choice of study material for CPA preparations?

Initially to have knowledge depth over the subjects I looked-up some online material as well, but after clearing my first paper BEC I had a change of mind. The extras might be good to cram your head with more information, yet from the exam point of view, it is not at all needed. Miles test preps are all-in-all from polishing your concept or for revision. So, focussing on Miles books got me ready and now I have a CPA to my name.

How feasible it is to manage both job & CPA preparation?

In my case, I was not confident enough and have not taken suggestions before quitting the job, that was a mistake on my part. With my experience, I would personally like to say that, there is no need to quit the job to prepare for CPA, until and unless it’s getting too very difficult for you to manage both at the same time.

Do you see a vibrant scope for CPA in India?

The awareness is definitely at the peak of CPA. When I went to Dubai for the exams, more than half of the candidates were haling from Hyderabad itself. Due to the pandemic, I did have a chance to complete my last exam in India itself and saved a ton of expenses from traveling to Dubai for exams. As of now, CPA exams are in India, our fellow aspirants would have the comfort of the home cities. Counting on that the awareness of the CPA exams will grow further among the fresh commerce graduate of India today, and soon the CPAs will populate the Indian USIs much faster to take over as a finance hub.

Any study tips for our aspirants?

  • Maintain a handout with subject gist for revision
  • Put persistent efforts to reach the goal
  • Try having a hand-out of fact to remember
  • Practice a lot of simulations up till perfection
  • Plan well and proceed

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