Miles CPA Alumni: Conquering the accounting world ft. Veera Jain

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Prepare to be mesmerized folks! We’ve got another tale of alumni awesomeness to share with you. Our star alumnus knows that the sky is not the limit, but the starting point. She makes practical choices like a boss, and that’s how she excelled as a Certified Public Accountant. 

Say hello to Veera Jain, an amazing Chartered Accountant, CPA, and proud Miles Alumni all rolled into one! After completing her CA, Veera had her sights set on the American dream and knew that becoming a CPA was the key to unlocking the best of the finance industry and building a successful career. 

During our interview, she also shared some tips that helped her prepare for the CPA exam. So listen up, CPA aspirants! Here are Veera’s words of wisdom: Trust yourself first, embrace the Miles study materials enthusiastically, and stay focused for 365 days to achieve your CPA certification

We were curious as to why Veera decided to pursue a career in the world of finance, and we got to the bottom of it. As the youngest in her family, Veera didn’t have the luxury of pocket money growing up, but she still managed to get her hands on everything she always wanted. And you know what they say, if you want to live like royalty, you’ve gotta have a career that brings in the dough.

Alright, folks, it’s time to delve into the fun side of things. Veera is a multi-faceted diamond, and being born and raised in Mumbai, the filminess runs deep in her veins. When it comes to movies, she loves Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. We must say your taste in cinema is impeccable, Veera! 

Who said finance professionals have no hobbies outside of number crunching? Veera swears up and down that if she hadn’t chosen the path of a CA or CPA, she would’ve opened up a fancy patisserie or bakery. How sweet is that! But hey, Veera, don’t let that dream go stale, “rise” to the occasion and chase it too!

Towards the end, we discussed how her journey with Miles has been and this is what she had to say; “My journey with miles has been really good, not being able to attend live lectures Miles was still there to lend a helping hand.” Well, Miles will always be there for its students and All the information you need to decide to embark on your CPA adventure!

While this blog focuses on Veera, we have more exciting alumni stories coming up. Stay tuned for future blogs that will give you a glimpse into the journey of our other alumni.

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