My CPA Journey – Hitesha Rasania

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Hitesha Rasania

Why did you choose CPA over other courses?

After being CA in India, I wanted to develop my skill-set which is recognized across the globe. Having this thought in mind, I felt that the US CPA is the best course to go for. To join the formal studies again in 2019 (after approx. 9 years since I qualified my CA) was a challenging decision for me. Given the situation, it was inevitable for me that the rapport of studying should be consistent. I wanted a classroom culture, where I can study with other students under the direct guidance of the faculty. Meanwhile, I got to know about Miles when I was looking for more information on US CPA over the internet. I checked a few videos of Varun on YouTube, visited the premise, and was sure that I wanted to join Miles to get started on my CPA journey.

What was the strategy you adopted while preparing for the exams?

The first thing I had to do was get the evaluation done to make sure that I have enough eligibility for my exams and license. I had decided to write Exams immediately once my coaching at Miles is over for all 4 subjects. For each paper, I wanted to be sure of 100% preparation and concentrated on books, OTB’s, and videos. Accordingly, I was ready to go for the exams in Feb-March, 2020.

However, I had to postpone the plan due to the pandemic. It however proved lucky for me coz it was then announced that exams would be held in India. Hearing this, I decided to appear for at least 3 papers in June, so as to reduce my burden for September. I am happy that the perfect planning of study worked well and I got radiant scores in all 4 subjects.

Varun’s video lectures are very explanatory. His way of teaching through mnemonics makes the topics easy to understand. OTB’s designed by Miles is a mix of various types of topics so as to give an exam feeler to students. Last but not least subject-wise SPOC are extremely supportive in resolving queries of students and impart additional clarity on the topic.

Any tips for aspiring CPA candidates

  • Read all books thoroughly
  • Periodic revision of topics
  • Prepare a plan and execute it no matter what

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1 thought on “My CPA Journey – Hitesha Rasania”

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