Siddharth Roy Choudhary – Captain CPA!

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After months of back and forth online classes, weeks of webinars and solving questions, days of grinding through concepts, and hours of revision, he could proudly say that he cleared his US CPA exams! He stood tall with a box of sweets in his hands and an infectious grin on his face.

Siddharth’s CPA Journey

Siddharth had enrolled with Miles Education’s online CPA training classes. On asking about what led him to consider the CPA course, he says, “Having the CPA designation after my name was the biggest motivation” – what gets more exciting is that Siddharth persevered keeping just this on his mind, despite the rigorous office hours.

Talking about his subject-wise liking and preparation, Siddharth said that he enjoyed studying the management, cost, and finance topics in the BEC subject, and thus, BEC proved to be the easiest paper of all. FAR and AUD, though voluminous, with the right amount of preparation and concept-clarity, he was able to rig through them with style. REG has, time and again, proven to be a roadblock for most CPA aspirants and the Delhiite was no exception. Siddharth had a tough time studying REG as he didn’t enjoy studying taxation and law in general. He sailed through all the 4 subjects as his investment, in terms of time and efforts, was directly proportional to the difficulty of each subject.

While Siddharth’s ‘CPA exams – Travel to the United States’ experience turned out to be fascinating, he has a couple of tips up his sleeves, following which, the exam travel would be a wonderful bliss for all of you budding CPAs:
– Make a checklist of the important things you need to carry with you!
– Go through your checklist before leaving for the airport!

What worked out well for Siddharth is that he read the Miles Concept books thoroughly, watched Varun Jain’s video lectures, solved all the questions on the Online Test Bank (OTB), and revised the topics often. Doing all of this consistently for each section of the 4 CPA subjects, he gained the confidence to appear for his exams and clear it with flying colors. However, Siddharth tells us that the CPA exams shouldn’t be taken lightly and one ought to study really hard to clear them. Probably the reason why he took 1 paper at a time!

Miles Education is proud to welcome Siddharth Roy Choudhary to the Miles family. He has joined the Miles CPA Alumni club along with 1000s of other successful CPAs. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors!

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