Sonia Tuteja – The CPA marvel!

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September 2016 turned out to be just another average month for most of us – Office work for the professionals – College classes for the students – Revision and exam preparation time for the CPA aspirants. But for Sonia Tuteja, there was something special in-store. She felt restless and her heart wouldn’t stop pounding. Every couple of hours, she found herself logging onto her computer looking for something, anxiously. Yes, you have figured it right – it was the day her US CPA exam results were announced! To Sonia, it was a dream come true moment – a moment that would decide her fate in terms of her career, a moment that bore the fruit of her hard work, a moment that she would cherish for the days to come.

She held her hands across her face, took a long breath. She reached out to her computer, a couple of clicks, and hooray!
AUD 90
BEC – 87
FAR – 87
REG 89

Finally, her efforts have paid off! She had cleared her US CPA exams with flying colors! A cloud of joy and excitement surrounded her family and friends.

Sonia’s CPA journey!

Just a year ago, Sonia had signed up with Miles Education to help her with her CPA training. Since then, Miles has walked step-after-step with Sonia in helping her realize her career goal to become a CPA. Today, the Delhi girl says that she has had an awesome experience with Miles and is extremely thankful to the Miles CPA faculty for their inseparable contribution to her success. Sonia’s parents and friends were her biggest motivators throughout her CPA journey and she dedicates a rich amount of her success to them as well.

Although she took 2 papers at once, her study plan was as rigorous as it can get. She attributed her command over every paper to three crucial study strategies:
– Revise the entire course three times
– Hand-written notes of every topic
– Solving Miles Online Test Bank (OTB) twice

Regulation (REG) proved to be the biggest roadblock for Sonia as it required extra efforts to prepare when compared to the other 3 subjects. She was under the opinion that there were a lot of limits and details to remember in REG. She found BEC to be the easiest among the lot as most of the BEC content overlapped with what she had covered in her CA course.

Traveling to another country to take the exams seemed challenging to Sonia. She recommends reaching a day or two before the exam day as this would give enough room to revise and rest. One can have a quick look at difficult topics or gain an overall review of the modules again.

Miles Education is proud to welcome Sonia Tuteja to the Miles family. She has joined the Miles CPA Alumni club along with 1000s of other successful CPAs. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors!

5 thoughts on “Sonia Tuteja – The CPA marvel!”

  1. Wow… that’s inspiring.
    I liked her “three crucial study strategies“. Well done.. 👏🏼👏🏼

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5 thoughts on “Sonia Tuteja – The CPA marvel!”

  1. Wow… that’s inspiring.
    I liked her “three crucial study strategies“. Well done.. 👏🏼👏🏼

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