Why Does Every Organization Need a CX Manager?

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Why Does Every Organization Need a CX Manager?

Customer experience (CX) leaders are often asked – what does it take to create a great customer experience?

Is it the quality of the services that need to be improved, do we need increased budgets to hire expensive brand ambassadors or is it just a black curse on the brand logo, which is responsible for the stealth growth in product consumption?

CXOs say these are neither of the reasons. Consumers today do not only buy products or avail services but buy an “experience”. Organizations crave that sense of belonging that a brand can provide for their customers and feel that buying the brand’s product is a return to the greater good of the community. It can be easily explained with a short example.

Let’s say two natural soap brands selling their products with tags- ‘made out of natural ingredients’ and ‘cruelty-free soap solution’. It was found out that the consumers are more inclined to the soaps which bear the tag ‘cruelty-free soap solutions’. It triggers a sense of value and ethics in the buyers as a token of mindfulness.

Most organizations rely on their annual, biannual, or quarterly Net Promoter Score (NPS) scoreboard to justify the impact of the brand. Well, it might not be entirely accurate as the metrics lack to measure the customer sentiments and how willing they are recommending the brand. And one bad experience with the product or the brand, there is a possibility that you will lose the loyalty of your customers.

Many times the businesses are overwhelmed with thoughts about how to bridge the experience gap for the customers and to encash the customer economy they fall back on their CXOs to resolve the problems. CX managers are tasked to ensure customers have positive experiences with a company throughout the customer lifecycle and build brand experience for customers to develop a natural tendency to use the products.

How does customer experience work for digital brands?

Since the mid of 20th century, Software as a Service (SaaS) has taken the industry by storm. The Agile Manifesto bridged the need-gap of user experience in the technology products. To date, it has developed a whole new branch in which CX leaders fathoms as digital customer experience. Moreover, digital CX management caters to managing the experience of the user traffic online.

For the past four years, internet usage on mobile and tablets has exceeded desktop use. About 82% of consumers make product searches on mobile devices. And it had been crucial for the CX managers to enhance their online product visibility and entail customized digital moments for the mobile-net users. Likewise, including interactive digital elements that can entertain and emotionally connect with the users has become crucial.

Arranging a virtual interaction with the users asks for more attention to the details of the CX offerings. The key elements are crafting an exemplary brand interaction model for digital users at a time of interaction, what could be the perspective for a response, and lastly, how can we shape brand loyalty. The majority of the users agree that their digital experience on websites and mobile apps is crucial. Brands that seek business influence through the customers should have their CX programs ready in action.

Analyzing the current trends in digital brand building there are few disruptions as contributors in building user experiences. And the next-gen CX leaders are improving on the. touchpoints to offer the best brand experience to the customers:

  • Business Intelligence (BI)- Exclusively used to determine buyer patterns, up-sales, user-preferences, brand influence in the peer community, and brand growth.
  • Queuing and Routing- Used for estimating wait-time, monitor user-availability, and measures team capacity, and measure team capacity required for customer interactions.
  • Self- Registration Forms- Component that auto-fills the user information while registering for the account.
  • Digital Signage- Digital display of banners in LCD or LED screens, projector views, and e-paper for product branding and event hosting
  • Social Media Analytics– Use to get deeper insights into the regular social media traffic on the brand page and to measure the ROI of the hosted social media campaigns
  • Virtual Service Machines- Enables self-service solutions with a humane touch by integrated tech-stacks like Zoom consultations, WhatsApp chats, and more.
  • Self Service shops and kiosks – Electrotronic checkpoints with LED screens to enable touch and payment options to avoid queues at pick-up centers

How CX leaders can transform brand-XP with customer-centricity?

Bending to customer-centricity is fueled by end-user reviews. Paving a one-way road to understanding the non-expert user experience.

1) Enabling brand differentiation: Companies that create a unique customer experience can differentiate themselves from their competitors. Forecasts expect customer experience to overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator for consumers by 2020.

2) Calculating customer wait time: Measurement parameter of Queues & Routing techniques for platform engagement and conversion rate calculation.

3) Performing Trend Analysis: Delimiting possibilities, studies show that customers tend to mention a good brand experience to an average of nine people, but will tell 16 people about a bad one.

4) Winning customer loyalty: Involving a stellar rewarding system to make a comeback. Customers who have a high-quality experience are 2.7 times more likely to keep doing business with a brand than those with a low-quality experience.

5) Trimming the marketing expenses: Using the brand evangelist strategies in delivering great experiences reduces the cost to serve customers by as much as 33%. Recommendations bring in new customers with 0 marketing-related acquisition costs.

According to Gartner analytics, 70% of the CX leaders struggle to design customer CX strategies to optimize customer interactions and drive business outcomes. It is time for CX leaders to put themselves at the forefront of the digital shifts in customer behaviors and if you are a CX leader it’s time for you to evolve your preferences. Boost your prospects as a CX leader with Advanced Management Certification Program in Transformational Customer Experience Management from IIM Kozhikode & Wiley NXT. A strategically curated program that builds skills to design and implement a winning and measurable customer-centric experience across the entire customer journey.

For over 200 years, Wiley has been helping people and organizations develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. They are dedicated to developing efficient learning products, digital transformation education, learning, assessment, and certification solutions to help universities, businesses, and individuals move between education and employment and achieve their ambitions. In 2020, WileyNXT has been recognized by Fast Company for its outstanding innovations in education. 

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