Increase Your Success Rate With Original Schweser CFA Study Material

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Increase Your Success Rate With Original Schweser CFA Study Material

The biggest challenge to clearing the CFA exam is to stay at pace with the evolving curriculum. 

CFA charter exam demonstrates your skill diversity in investment analysis. A CFA-to-be is asked to have a broad range of industry-first portfolio management norms and advanced investment skills. CFA board has its own console to scrutinize the current investment tools and affairs and banks on new competencies required to call success to the current financial environment. This poses to be even more challenging to stay on-date which remains to be the ground criteria why CFA exams remain to be critically challenging for both bachelors and accountants at the same time. 

Leveling with the CFA Standards

As standard followed by CFA aspirants globally, 300 hours at max is the estimated time window to clear each level of the CFA exam, that is, it’s about a year’s hard work before you sit for the exam. And, if you have picked a piracy copy of the CFA test bank or preparation copy of Schweser Kaplan, then possibilities are that it will further diminish your chances of clearing CFA level 1. The reason why is, you have wasted a year’s time learning from the wrong resources. 

CFA level exams are frequently pursued by bachelor or final year students and there is a strong tendency to run behind the photocopy materials for CFA preparation. Surprisingly enough you can get the original Kaplan study materials with the entire study package with competitive pricing instead of jeopardizing your hard work on routine old material. 

CFA Institute in mandating Computerized Testing 

On top of that as per recent announcements back in 2020, all 3 levels of the CFA exams will be computer-based from 2021 onwards instead of pen and paper exams. This further pushes the need for alternative plans to prepare for the CFA level exam. With transitioning the CFA levels to computer-based testing (CBT) proctored exams are to be conducted in 400+ locations globally. The CFA board has also reduced the total count of questions by a 25% reduction in the questions and in testing time. 

The pattern change is a pleasant surprise for the test takers as they really work on practicing in a simulated environment before they appear for the exam. Like always Miles Education concludes with just the right solution to the problem. For the first time in CFA India, Schweser Kaplan has collaborated with Miles Education to offer CFA aspirants original prep materials. The prep courses for CFA come straight from Schweser Kaplan study plans along with live online CFA training classes from Miles Education. 

Zero down the CFA Risk With Original Schweser Plans

Schweser Kaplan materials have a 97% recommendation rate among students. Moreover, the publication house enlists to harbor an entire team of skilled MBAs, PhDs, and 18 CFA charter holders dedicated to updating the course plans time on time, thus making it more relevant to industry standards and assuring trust in Kaplan’s quality in CFA standards. Kaplan Schweser is the best course material available in the CFA exam space, so it makes perfect sense to switch over to a guided CFA plan as soon as possible.

Once you subscribe to a basic Schweser Kaplan plan for CFA, the package includes all Core features:

  • SchweserNotes
  • SchweserPro QBank
  • Diagnostic Exam
  • Activity Feed
  • SchweserNotes Videos
  • Practice Exams (4 Exams)
  • Checkpoint Exams
  • Quicksheet
  • Audio SchweserNotes
  • Secret Sauce
  • Flashcards
  • Resource Library
  • Instructor Links

To have the best CPA exam practice at your fingertips with a comprehensive study plan, customized to your own learning pace. 

Your CFA Roadmap with Schweser Kaplan

Given that you have subscribed to Kaplan’s CFA to score off the charts at your very first attempt, Schweser Kaplan’s CFA plans guarantee to zero down your risk while you clear CFA levels I, II, III. ‘In brief, 

  • It will take around 2-3 months to prepare for each CFA level from SchweserNotes
  • To practice solving SchweserPro QBank for each chapter will make your L1 & L2 a lot easier
  • Memory tools, Secret Sauce, Flashcards & Quicksheets will be a great resort
  • Finally, a Diagnostic Exam will take off your final D-day anxiety. 

Miles Education in an exclusive collaboration with Kaplan Schweser is now offering the Best CFA Program study package. Visit – to learn about the details of the offering.


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