7 Ways CMA can enhance their Linkedin visibility

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7 Ways CMAs Can Enhance Their LinkedIn Visibility

If you are reading this blog, you are either preparing for US CMA or a professional who wants to further your career as a CMA.

You might be wondering, how LinkedIn is going to be of any help?

If you maintain the basic LinkedIn account and have chanced upon the IMA (Institute of Management Accountant) Linkedin page, there are 53,000+ connections following their activities. This itself can be a pretty good starting point to begin profile-building like a professional. Linkedin has over 600 million professional profiles and unlimited scope to build a community to exchange insights, meet your very first industry mentor, apply for jobs, a free pass to attend webinars, get training guidance, and a lot more. All you need to do… is to get started!

Tip no. 1: Do not dread but be great at Networking!

We admit, it is often unpleasant to send greetings to cold connections and can take ages in receiving a response from that flashy professional profile. Yet one cannot lose upon the chance to be found. Well, when networking is done right you can easily get away with the shortcomings. 

You need to make sure that you understand the concept of networking. Allow us to break down the concepts for you.

“Networking means the act of exchanging information with people who can help you professionally.” 

~Michele Jennae

Tip no. 2: Brand it right!

No matter how Insta-friendly your profile picture might be, Linkedin has its own guidelines to greet members in their professional community. Here are the asserted guidelines to shine among the crowd-

  • Upload a decent close-up shot in formal attire for the profile picture

  • Keep a relevant background photo that mirrors your personality or profession

  • Flaunt your designation with your name, for example, Vishal Shekhar, CMA

  • Draft a short but sweet professional summary about yourself, Linkedin has an auto-drafting option to summarize as well

  • List your relevant skills and make sure you have carefully filled the timeline accurately

  • Don’t forget to take the skill-test! Linkedin has a test and display option added recently. If you have recently been trained in any soft skill that you want to flaunt you can take a test to assure the skill relevance.

Tip no. 3: Make way to CMA Groups

The best way to thrive in your career is to expand your peer. For Linkedin In, professional groups will keep you on your toes about the future settlements of the industry before any official release. As a CMA you get an added advantage, cause IMA has 6 local chapters in India and 300+ global chapters for you to take part in. Plus, if you search by CMA, you will get a long list of professional groups on Linkedin to stay connected with!

Tip no. 4: Keep your Dream Companies at A-list

Do not miss out on updates from your dream companies and Linkedin keeps you updated on the location-wise job openings, recent activities, and events, regular feeds, and a long list of professionals associated with the organization. In return, it gives your Linkedin profile an added visibility to the recruiters who are in search of CMAs to fill their vacancies.

Tip no. 5: Know ‘Who Viewed your Profile’?

What you cannot miss out on is who are your potential prospects and keep an eye out for the notifications on – ‘Who viewed your profile?’.

Here you will get a list of users or company representatives you are interested in your profiles, who know, one of them can be your next recruiter. It is a two-way advantage; first- you would know the recent updates on your profile are targeting the right people, second- how fast its collecting profile views.

Tip no. 6: Ask for Recommendations

Are any of your friends or colleagues or university seniors working at top financial firms who can endorse your finance skills? Make sure you have reached out to them as professional recommendations can earn you the big break that you had been waiting for!

Tip no. 7: Having a customized profile URL

At some point in time you might have used your LinkedIn profile for job applications, recruiters today keep an option to share the profile link. There if have edited the link by your name and designation it gives a professional to the employer.

Customizing your public profile URL makes you easier to find. It’s a quick, easy way to differentiate you from all of the other LinkedIn users out there. This is particularly important for those with common names. Doing so boosts your credibility.

There is a basket of suggestions we can apply to enhance our profile. All we have to do is follow-up with updates. And, what works best is to CMA to your name! Showcasing CMA beside you your name will right away be a shoot-up to your profile’s credibility. For those who are interested in looking up a professional account to follow we have our lead instructor Varun Jain at LinkedIn to check out new updates on webinars and the Expert talks to add and boost your professional –

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