CMA Part 1 Batch Start

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CMA Part 1 Batch Start

Batch Start Alert!!

Step up your Planning, Performance, and Analytics game with the world’s favorite instructor Varun Jain!! Join the exclusive batch start session on Saturday, 14th May 2022.

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Resolve to be a global accounting professional in 2022. Earn your
CMA in 6 months and add the letters CMA after your name. 

Trusted by tens & thousands of CMA candidates, Miles is the world’s largest CMA course provider.

  • IMA’s global platinum partner
  • Learn from the world’s favorite CMA instructor* – Varun Jain (LIVE online classes + Videos)
  • Study using Official Miles CMA Learning System (includes online test-bank)
  • 20+ offices across India, UAE & US
  • 70+ tie-ups with Universities & Institutions
  • 100% Placement Assurance
  • 150+ hours of LIVE online classes
  • 220+ Fortune 500 and MNC tie-ups
  • 360° Advisory support for CMA exam application & certification

Enroll with Miles Education, India’s #1 CMA Review and be future-ready.

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