5 Top-paying Jobs for US CPAs

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5 top-paying jobs for US CPAs

A recent study suggests that accounting and taxation jobs would skyrocket to over 11% by 2024. So, accounting professionals now is the time to gear your professional qualifications! Since US CPA as one of the gold standard accounting certifications has gained wide importance and credibility worldwide, accountants act fast to join a CPA course in India to get certified to lead the accounting world of tomorrow. The good news not just brings hope to accountants who are on the CPA course journey but also drives the growth outlook of the Indian economy at large. Let’s take a look at some five interesting industries that need accountants with the US CPA designation to drive business performance in their ecosystem.

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Environmental Accounting 

We do not have a planet B, so if you are keen on saving the earth from pollution and environmental disaster, a
US CPA review course can lead you to achieve that dream. Since natural problems involve investment and budget allocation and analyses, accountants can take up CPA training that can provide deep insights into preparing financial reports to investors of the project and lessening the carbon footprint. Certified public accountants providing bottom-line solutions to real nature threats earn a salary package up to USD 65,000.  


Sports Accountant

You don’t need to be a sports star to be in the sports industry, but if you ever dreamed of being surrounded by your favorite athletic team, a
US CPA course is the way forward. Spectator sports is one of the growing entertainment industries and needs accountants with global credentials to manage payroll, budgets, and cash flow. As US CPAs help analyze the preceding season’s budget and forecast future plans for the coming season, accounting and tax courses play an integral role in the life of the sports industry. Since the average pay is more than USD 70,000, sports becomes a viable niche for CPAs in an energetic environment.


Accounting Software Developer

As big data has become a spiraling challenge for businesses across the globe,
certified public accountants need the appropriate software and new-age tools to analyze, predict and streamline data to make informed financial decisions. Understanding the immediate digital need, many CPA review training providers help accountants with data engineering and analytics as an additional course to collaborate with engineers and software developers to build accounting software so as to protect financial data from a breach. The US CPA syllabus by review institutes is tailored so that an accountant notches a remunerative career earning up to USD 85,000.  


Risk & Compliance Accountants

The business world is flooded with rules, procedures, and regulations, but very few follow them. This brings a dire need for accounting professionals with top credentials like
certified public accountant who can perform such tasks, helping professionals at corporates and business leaders comply with the norms so as to avoid any penalty from the government. One of the advantages of CPA classes is they train accountants to access, process, and store sensitive clientele data and help them during tax filing processes and deadlines. Holding a US CPA designation, CPAs can design and implement programs and practices for businesses to ensure they adhere to the regulations of the government. Accountants receiving CPA training in risk and compliance get a salary of around USD 90,000.

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Accounting Faculty 

CPA training
also prepares and sets US CPAs for academic missions to transfer knowledge, experience, and skills to the next generation of accountants. CPA Review courses not only help accountants to chart a successful CPA career in reputed financial organizations and institutes across the globe but also build a CPA ecosystem for the future. Since the demand for US CPAs has grown far beyond, global business needs partnerships with accounting academia and training institutes to transfer updated knowledge and skills in the accounting and financial domain. This gives scope for CPAs to find remunerative CPA careers as consultants and advisors to firms that nearly pay a package of USD 100,000.

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