9 Tips for CPAs to Communicate in the Digital Age

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We venture deeper into the digital realm every year. Now, CPAs must adapt to their clients’ new digital means of communication. Accountants could keep up a relationship with their clients by creating online platforms. Some people simply desire the option of going back to the old times as 2022 draws to a close. Let’s look at how CPAs might enhance client connection in the age of digital technology.

Customized communication:

Customers can get a tailored and appropriate CPA-client contact experience with the aid of a strong customer relationship management (CRM) platform. CPAs may keep track of clients’ communication preferences, past discussions, birthdays, and anniversaries with a CRM. Foreshadowing facts that clients might not voluntarily share with their accountants require personalising client communications. For instance, a CRM system can record information about a client’s student loan debt in order to provide that client with choices for debt relief. In a similar manner, CPAs might offer assistance by investigating the information gathered by the CRM platform.

Hybrid communication:

Prior to the pandemic, CPAs would frequently set up marketing and promotion booths at neighbourhood gatherings like kid’s baseball games. Some US CPAs are concerned that their firm may suffer when video conferencing replaces face-to-face meetings. Traditional word-of-mouth marketing techniques still work well even though more and more customers are moving to the digital arena.

Accountants no longer need to manually follow up with potential clients after entering their information into a CRM because of its customized process. By setting up automatic messages that continuously reach out without requiring manual follow-ups, they may quickly cultivate relationships.

Transparency and improved teamwork:

It becomes more challenging for the business to be transparent when information is dispersed across numerous channels, such as emails, messages, shared documents, etc. When needless emails or messages are sent back and forth between clients and service providers, crucial information is lost in exchanges.

CRM systems make it simpler for staff members to collaborate constantly and assist employees with their basic data management needs. The platform operates as the team’s central centre of information, enabling them to understand how their work affects the business. As a result, there are fewer data units, better communications, and more teamwork.

To ensure that everyone in a virtual office is on the same page, this is essential.

Communication that is integrated:

CPAs typically use email to connect with their clients. They quickly discovered, though, that there were better ways to manage customer data. By integrating emails from services like Gmail and Outlook, CRM software may increase context.

The platform may manage data gathered through a variety of methods, including email, a website, data entry, online chat, the phone, social media, and more.

It may be challenging, if not impossible, for a small business owner with limited resources to manually keep track of all of their various communication channels. CPAs that use email to manage client connections can manage all client interactions more effectively by using a CRM platform.

Enhanced marketing strategies:

Now, since CPAs have a great client base, there is always an option to improve marketing skills. You got to build better relationships with the existing clients. CRM systems make it easier for CPAs to begin marketing campaigns through emails, newsletters, text messages, and more. These resources also help firms to be more innovative in promoting their services.

Embrace video conferencing

Video conferencing tools have become increasingly popular for remote communication. CPAs can leverage these tools to hold virtual meetings with clients, providing a more personal touch compared to traditional phone calls or emails. Video conferences allow for face-to-face interaction, enabling better understanding and building stronger relationships with clients.

Utilize social media platforms

Social media platforms are powerful tools for reaching a wider audience and engaging with clients. CPAs can establish a professional presence on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook to share valuable insights, industry updates, and educational content. By actively participating in relevant discussions and responding to comments and inquiries, CPAs can enhance their visibility and credibility.

Offer self-service options

In the digital age, clients often prefer the convenience of self-service options. CPAs can provide secure client portals or online platforms where clients can access their financial documents, review tax returns, and communicate securely. By offering self-service options, CPAs empower clients to have greater control over their financial information while reducing administrative burdens on both sides.

Regularly communicate through email newsletters 

Email newsletters are an effective way to stay in touch with clients on a regular basis. CPAs can provide valuable insights, industry updates, and relevant news through newsletters, keeping clients informed and engaged. By segmenting the mailing list based on client preferences or interests, CPAs can deliver more targeted content, increasing the relevance and value of the communication.

Implement chatbots for real-time assistance

Chatbots can be integrated into websites or client portals to provide instant support and assistance. They can address frequently asked questions, guide clients through basic processes, and offer immediate responses to common queries. Chatbots enhance customer service by providing real-time assistance, even outside of regular office hours, and can help CPAs efficiently manage client inquiries while maintaining a personal touch.

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