AUD – A Poem

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aud a poem

Today’s a good day, for we have a news,
Pull up your socks and tighten up your shoes,
This is something that you don’t want to lose,
For you can become an accounting, Howard Hughes!
Today – we’re going to talk about CPA,
Globally recognized and respected is what they say,
4 colorful dragons are what you must slay,
Red, green, blue, yellow – are definitely in your way!
Yellow is easy – you can sweep it really clean,
Red is a monster – pick up an axe, wear your jean,
Blue needs the most efforts, for it is the queen,
The news today is about AUD, the one that is green!
What we have to know first is about this love,
Between the queen and this green AUD dove,
We know it is getting uneasy, romantic now,
Let’s clear the air quick – think of a B-boying cow!
It’s about time now that we walk really close,
To hunt down this green dragon, it has a doggy nose,
While we tiptoe towards it, our hearts initially froze
This is how theory subjects work – Everyone knows!
Now is the time you pull out your sword,
Don’t lose your interest now, please don’t get bored,
There is another thing we cannot afford,
Memorizing the book – every page, every word!
Professional responsibilities, Ethics, and planning,
Internal Controls, Audit evidence and sampling,
“We have slayed the green dragon” – If you’re thinking,
Audit reports and attestations wave, “Hey, Good Evening!”
AUD though sounds numbing, it is really fun,
Throw away your sword, what you need is a bun,
For this is not a dragon, it’s a fluffball, a hun,
Love is, the way forward, how the battles are won!

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