CPA : A door to global accounting career pathways

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CPA : A door to global accounting career pathways

US CPA is one of the most sought-after qualifications in the accounting world. Currently, there are around 430,000 CPAs pan globe. The world-leading AICPA and NASBA endorse the US CPA credential.

The US CPA validates the student’s or professionals’ expertise in accounting, tax, audit, business partnership, financial analysis, risk, and consulting. 

Honing these skills, CPAs gain global employability skills that ease their career search in different industries across varied sectors across different continents. 

Earning the CPA eligibility, you will have a wide opportunity to work with an exciting clientele at Big 4, Fortune 500, and MNCs and win a broad network of leaders that eventually increase your international exposure, accounting practice and thinking, and finally talent progression in the field.

In this article, let’s explore in detail the  pathways to earn your CPA license and become a differentiated accounting professional in the future of finance tomorrow! 

Choosing the Best CPA Review Center

Choosing the best CPA trainer in India is a daunting task. But researching the credibility of the review center is a must to make informed decisions about pursuing your CPA career ahead. Choose a review with over 80% alumni base working in Big 4 and MNCs across the country. Find out if the CPA training center has a wide partnership and network base to help you navigate your doubts in your journey.

The course spreads for 12-16 months and has 4 critical sections tested as part of the CPA exam. To crack the code, you need expert guidance and information, so a review center with expert professionals can help you ace your exams efficiently in a shorter time. 

Return on Investment

Pursuing your CPA with Miles Education, India’s #1 and largest CPA trainer, you will gain a global advantage and lifelong accounting experience.

  • Global credibility as an F&A professional
  •  Industry-relevant skills 
  • 1200 hours of study over 12-16 months (@20 hours/week) 
  • Cash outflow of approx. INR 3.75 lakhs
  • Pathways after CPA: 
    1. Work in India @Big 4 & MNCs 
    2. Work in the US for 3 years 

Here are some prominent CPA career pathways:

Public Accounting:

  • Audit: As an auditor, you’ll examine financial statements, internal controls, and accounting systems to ensure accuracy and compliance with regulations. This role is often found in public accounting firms, including the Big 4.
  • Taxation: Tax professionals provide expertise in tax planning, compliance, and consulting. They help individuals and businesses navigate complex tax laws and optimize their tax strategies.
  • Advisory Services: CPAs in advisory roles provide financial consulting services, including risk management, mergers and acquisitions, forensic accounting, and business valuation.

Corporate Accounting:

  • Financial Analyst: Analyze financial data, trends, and market conditions to provide insights for informed decision-making.
  • Controller: Oversee an organization’s financial operations, manage financial reporting, budgeting, and internal controls.
  • CFO (Chief Financial Officer): As a top executive, CFOs provide strategic financial leadership, guide financial planning, and manage the overall financial health of a company.

Government and Non-Profit Organizations:

  • Government Auditor: Work for government agencies, conducting audits to ensure compliance with laws, regulations, and financial reporting standards.
  • Non-Profit Accountant: Handle financial management for non-profit organizations, ensuring proper allocation of funds and compliance with donor requirements.

Management Accounting:

  • Management Accountant: Analyze financial data to provide insights that help organizations improve operational efficiency, make informed decisions, and drive growth.


  • Financial Consultant: Provide financial advice and solutions to clients, ranging from individuals to businesses, assisting them in achieving their financial goals.
  • Management Consultant: Help organizations optimize processes, streamline operations, and implement effective strategies for growth.

Risk Management:

  • Internal Auditor: Conduct internal audits to evaluate risk management processes, internal controls, and regulatory compliance within organizations.
  • Risk Analyst: Analyze financial data to identify and assess potential risks, helping organizations make informed decisions to mitigate those risks.

 Academia and Education:

  • Professor/Instructor: Teach accounting courses at universities, colleges, or professional training institutions, sharing your expertise with future accountants.

 International Opportunities:

  • Global Financial Roles: With the knowledge of international accounting standards, CPAs can work in multinational corporations, helping them manage financial operations across borders.


  • Business Owner: Use your financial expertise to start and manage your own business, applying your skills to manage finances, taxes, and business growth.

Technology and Data Analytics:

  • Financial Data Analyst: Use data analytics tools to interpret financial data, extract insights, and guide decision-making in various industries.

The Miles Edge

Joining Miles will provide you with an assured pathway to Big 4 & MNCs in India and abroad. The average median salary of CPA freshers comes to 8 LPA and above. And for experienced professionals, they can expect a salary hike of up to 600%.

With Miles sharing partnerships with over 220+ MNCs, Big 4, and 75+ Fortune 500 companies, placement is a big value that you can expect after your CPA course.

Your benefit does not end here, but also –

Subsidiaries of US-based MNCs – They need to convert India AS financials to US GAAP for consolidation with the US parent. They also need to comply with US regulations & compliances. E.g., SOX, FCPA, etc.

Indian MNCs who have raised $ from the US – These are US SEC registrants; hence, they have reporting requirements with the SEC in US GAAP or IFRS. and many more.

Big 4 & Public Accounting Firms – For audits, the partner on the audit for a US SEC registrant needs to be a CPA, and they always prefer to have them on the engagement team, especially Big 4.

F&A companies – These companies offer to consult services to clients from all over the world. Thus, they need a large pool of CPAs to manage the various services they provide.

  • Guaranteed pathway to work in the US for at least 3 years with $60,000+* CTC for freshers

The club course – Traveling abroad is a big investment but now with Miles, it can never be. Miles offers a unique and upending program that includes STEM that would land you in ground-breaking careers.

Miles Education, as a leader in CPA training, goes beyond conventional programs by actively fostering partnerships with prominent US universities. Through these collaborations, Miles integrates Business Analytics into its Masters in Accounting programs, securing STEM certification (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

This strategic move not only addresses the OPT duration gap but also empowers Miles alumni in accounting to qualify for the coveted 3-year work permit, aligning them with the privileges enjoyed by engineering professionals.

This proactive approach by Miles Education not only levels the playing field but also positions its students to excel in the dynamic US accounting industry. This innovative educational model provides a structured pathway for Indian accountants to thrive on the global stage, contributing meaningfully to the international accounting community.

The program, boasting an attractive starting salary of $60,000+, not only addresses practical challenges but also positions its graduates for success in the competitive US accounting landscape.

Miles Education’s commitment to strategic collaborations, STEM certification, and alignment with industry demand ensures that its graduates are well-prepared to meet the evolving needs of the global accounting profession.

Way forward

US CPA is one of the toughest accounting certifications in the world. To crack the code you need a strong focus supported by expert guidance and the most critical is notching a top-end career in India or abroad. So to get all these in one go, Miles becomes a one-stop solution. Don’t procrastinate, enroll now with Miles.


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