CPA Exam Tips: To-Dos For ‘The’ Month Before D-Day

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The exam is knocking at the door, Prometric dates will soon be around, lectures are done and you are wondering how to get ready for the final huddle. All you have to do is list down and prepare a checklist for the day and repeat. And just to put you at ease, we have listed down four essentials to follow and tips to keep you on track.

1) Know the right way to revise

First, you need to stop worrying that you have forgotten some topics and focus on revising and investing the maximum hours memorizing what you have already learned. If you follow the review course from Miles Education, you would have enough mnemonics to run through Varun Jain’s lecture classes. Else you can make a few of your own, this will help recall the concepts faster during your exam.

There is no merit to one revision method. Hence do try out flashcards, short summaries that you can stick to your CPA bibles, or stick notes at charts at your desk as a reminder. Don’t get too decorative over revision notes, just do a bare minimum to save some time to get the maximum benefit of the revision hours.

And every time you come across a new fact, just write it down on a sticky note and attach it to the respective chapter, so whenever you are reading the books, you would never miss out on the facts.

2) Time Management

It’s true that practice makes perfect. When you have only 3 hours in hand and have 66 MCQs and 8 task based simulations to complete, you really need to start speed practice right away. For the first few days, just put the timer on for an hour and check how many questions you are about to read and answer, if it’s taking more than 3 mins, just move to the next question. Don’t worry about the wrong answers. Mark them and learn the answers when you are revising the chapters. When you start getting comfortable with the speed practice, keep increasing the hours to 2 then 3. This way you will have your own strategy to apply on the exam day.

3) Mock Tests Management

It’s very important to know what ‘should be’ your takeaways and what ‘should not’. Dont go get too worked up to write it and be worried if you score poorly at the mocks exams. It just meant to check whether the speed practice has worked out well or you need more time to get used to it. And remember to take the mocks when you feel ready for your exam.

3) Keep everything at your disposal

Be it the notes, books or the laptop – just keep it at your reach, you can try sticking it to the headrest of your bed. It reminds you of what you need to cover over time. Make sure you stick your progress to the bulletin, this will give you the confidence to work harder and be up to the mark for your exam.

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