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CPAs Can Now Work in the US: A 3-Year Opportunity!

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Jobs for CPAs in the US

Are you an Indian student who wants to work in the US after completing your college/university program?

Good news! This is totally possible – particularly if you are graduating from a leading educational institution. The USA, home to an enormous overseas student population, provides numerous stay-back options for its overseas students after graduation.

Besides, India shelters the second-largest number of international students in the USA. For Indian students, having a part-time job or internship is vital if they are shifting abroad for a Master’s or post-graduation.

Earlier, Indian engineering grads looking to build their careers in the States would generally:

  • Pursue MS in Computer Science from a USA university for 18-24 months
  • Receive a 3-year Optional Practical Training (OPT) for working in the USA after completing Masters
  • While working on the OPT, the employer might apply for an H-1B visa

However, this road is not an adrenaline booster for finance/commerce alumni as the MS Accounting or Finance provides only a 1-year OPT, and F&A does not come under a STEM program

The accountant shortage and the opportunities it has for aspiring Indian CPA

The accountant shortage in the USA presents lucrative opportunities for aspiring Indian CPAs. With a high demand for qualified professionals, Indian CPAs can leverage their skills and the universally recognized CPA qualification to secure rewarding positions in auditing, taxation, and financial reporting. Additionally, their cross-cultural background and adaptability make them valuable assets in the diverse US business landscape. By embracing technology and staying proactive in their professional growth, aspiring Indian CPAs can excel in the American accounting industry and contribute significantly to the success of US-based organizations.

But wait, there is good news!

Miles Education proudly offers an exciting opportunity for commerce/finance graduates, to a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) Master in Accounting in the US. It is an excellent chance for Indian accounting grads to obtain a degree of the highest echelons and ensure a flourishing career in the USA.

Presenting you Weatherhead School of Management’s Masters in Accountancy (MAcc) with the Analytics track at The Case Western Reserve University (Ohio, US) – an education program ranking 5th among the leading Accounting Masters in the USA.

The MAcc program is ideal for aspirants seeking to earn an advanced accounting qualification, the gold standard for accounting professionals. With the course, candidates can fulfill the 150 credit hours of college/university education necessary for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exams.


USPs of the program

  • Pursue a STEM Master’s in the USA and grab the opportunity to work as a full-time local employee for up to 3 years after the graduation
  • Under the MAcc scheme, learn from one of the most future-proof accounting curriculums – taxation, auditing, information systems, and technology – to build a career as a professional accountant.
  • Weatherhead School of Management houses a career management office that provides services, including career fairs, career analysis, networking events with alumni and employers, mock interviews, job listing, workshops & employer detail sessions.
  • Post completion, individuals can work in multiple routes in corporate or public taxation, accounting, financial assessment, management & consulting roles (not necessarily tech-based roles)

How do you get there?

  • Enroll with Miles Education and secure your CPA credential
  • Complete the prerequisites for the Master’s course with application guidance and assistance from Team Miles
  • Pursue the Master’s program with an opportunity to gain work experience with prominent US organizations

Placement Drive and its benefits:

Do you wish to kickstart your accounting career in the US, but don’t know where to begin? Well, worry not! We have an offer you can’t refuse. We have cracked the puzzle for Indian accountants to work in the US, and are here with an opportunity for you to hear from some of the top public accounting firms in the US.

Imagine a scenario where you could connect with top US accounting firms, showcase your skills, and seize job opportunities. Sounds too good to be true? Well, prepare to be amazed, because Miles Education has made it possible.



Let’s Understand “How”

You might be aware of the unprecedented accountant shortage in the US, but Miles has again cracked the puzzle! For the first time in history, Miles Education and some top US accounting firms, are joining hands to organize job interviews for Indian accountants to work in their US offices (in New York, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, and across the US). This extraordinary endeavor aims to provide candidates with a head start on their career journeys and boost their accounting careers.

Benefits of this Career Fair:

– Early Access to Job Opportunities

– Enhanced Networking and Connections 

– Industry Validation and Recognition

– Insights from Industry Experts

– Competitive Edge in the Job Market

– Accelerated Career Growth

Overall, this recruitment drive by Miles Education and US accounting firms offers candidates the incredible benefits of early access to job interviews, networking, industry recognition, and accelerated career growth. It is a remarkable opportunity to shape a successful career in the United States.

With this collaboration, Miles has once again demonstrated its dedication to providing the best opportunities for its students. This partnership with the top US accounting firms will further solidify Miles’ position as a leader in accounting education. So, get ready to embrace this unique recruitment drive and embark on a journey that can redefine your future. 

Schedule your free one-on-one career guidance session with us, visit 


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1 thought on “CPAs Can Now Work in the US: A 3-Year Opportunity!”

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