Dream to work in the US is now possible with CPA

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Working in the United States has always been a dream for many non-technical graduates and professionals. However, in the past, opportunities were limited to those with an engineering or technology background.

This group of individuals would typically seek admission to a
Masters program in the US, obtain a 3-year OPT work permit, and then have their employer apply for an H1B visa.

Unfortunately, this was not the case for non-technical professionals. However, the worry now comes to an end as Miles Education, one of the  leading CPA training centers in India offers a safe and exciting pathway to study and work in the US.

Why is US CPA Credential Important?


The US CPA credential holds significant importance as it is the highest accounting credential in the US, comparable to the CA credential in India. Furthermore, due to an acute shortage of accountants in the US, possessing a CPA credential can almost guarantee job opportunities.

While a MAcc degree is equivalent to an M.Com in India and can assist in obtaining a 3-year OPT permit to work in the US, it is ultimately the CPA credential that secures job positions.

To simplify, the CPA credential serves as a passport for accountants, while the MAcc degree acts as a visa.

The MAcc program is designed for students who wish to enhance their accounting knowledge and skills, and it can be pursued by students who have completed their undergraduate studies in accounting or a related field. While a CPA credential can be beneficial in obtaining certain positions in the accounting field, it is not a requirement for admission into a MAcc program.
However, pursuing a CPA credential can be a valuable addition to a MAcc degree, as it can enhance job prospects and provide additional career opportunities.

The US CPA credential is one of the gold standards and highest global accounting credentials in the US. It validates your expertise in accounting, tax, audit, compliance and regulation, business partnership, accounting analytics, accounting systems, and ethics. The CPA syllabus comprises 4 sections – FAR, AUD, REG, and BEC. The forthcoming CPA Evolution 2024 will bring some exam and structural changes to the CPA course that will empower accounting students and professionals with new-age technology, skills, and broad expertise.
However, choosing the best CPA review institute in India will gear you up to crack the CPA exam.

MAcc Program Overview

A key advantage of pursuing a MAcc program through Miles Education, India’s largest and top-ranked CPA training institute, is the opportunity to obtain a 3-year work permit in the US.

Typically, MAcc programs only provide a 1-year work permit, but Miles has partnered with US universities to convert their MAcc program to a STEM program, ensuring the same 3-year work permit as engineers.

Miles Education also takes care of everything from university admissions and placements to visa processes, and provides assistance with SOP and LOR preparation, offering end-to-end support for students and professionals.

With a wide range of partnerships and institutional tie-ups, Miles’ US CPAs can gain a distinct advantage both in India and abroad, especially in the US.

This program offers the flexibility for students and professionals to return to India after three years and lead global firms, which is crucial as an estimated 80,000 H1- employees are trained from outside the US each year.

Is MAcc possible without CPA? The answer is yes. But to get a job, MAcc alone is not enough. With a CPA, opportunities are plenty. A CPA becomes your passport, and the MAcc becomes your visa.

The CPA has gained wide momentum in the US companies in India, so CPAs from India traveling to the US are greatly welcomed due to high demand.

CPA opens up a plethora of opportunities that were previously unavailable to non-technical graduates and professionals. With a CPA, individuals can work in various industries, including finance, healthcare, entertainment, and technology.

They can also work for some of the most prominent public accounting firms in the world, such as Deloitte, PwC, EY, and KPMG.

The benefits of obtaining a CPA credential are numerous. First and foremost, it validates your expertise and skills in accounting and finance. Employers recognize and appreciate this credential, making it easier for you to find a job.

Additionally, CPA holders earn significantly higher salaries than those without the credential. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for accountants and auditors was $73,560 in May 2020, while the median annual salary for CPAs was $92,040. This translates to a 25% higher salary for CPAs.

Another benefit of obtaining a CPA credential is that it opens up opportunities for career advancement. CPAs are in high demand, and they are often given more significant responsibilities and opportunities to lead projects and teams. Furthermore, CPAs can work in various industries.

The MAcc program is a specialized course that includes advanced coursework in accounting, taxation, auditing, and financial management. The curriculum also includes case studies, projects, and hands-on experience that provides practical knowledge and prepares students to face real-world challenges. The MAcc program is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the field of accounting, finance, and data analytics.

Miles Education’s Partnership and Institutional Tie-Ups

Miles Education, India’s leading CPA training center, has partnered with several top-notch universities in the US some of them are, Case Western Reserve University, LeBow College of Business , Clark University, to offer the MAcc program to Indian students and professionals.

These universities have a strong reputation for academic excellence, and their MAcc program is recognized globally.

Miles Education has a strong network of institutional tie-ups and partnerships, which provides its students with a unique edge when it comes to university admissions, placements, and visa processes. The institute gives complete assistance of everything from the student’s Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letter of Recommendation (LOR) to their visa application. This ensures that students can focus on their studies and career goals without worrying about the administrative tasks involved in the process.

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MAcc Edge: 3-Year Work Permit in the US

The MAcc program also provides students with a 3-year work permit in the US because it is STEM certified, which allows them to gain valuable work experience in the field of accounting, finance, and data analytics.

After completing their work permit, students can choose come back to India and lead global firms with their newfound knowledge and expertise, or stay back in the US if they obtain their H1B visa.

In conclusion, the MAcc program offers a great opportunity for non-technical graduates and professionals to pursue a career in accounting, finance, and data analytics in the US. By earning a US CPA eligibility, they can enroll in the MAcc program, which provides advanced coursework, practical knowledge, and a 3-year work permit in the US.

Miles Education, India’s leading CPA training center, partners with top universities in the US to offer the MAcc program.

 With its strong network of institutional tie-ups and partnerships, Miles Education provides its students with a unique edge when it comes to university admissions, placements, and visa processes.

Miles Education has a strong track record of successfully placing its alumni in top companies in the US. The

 Some of our alumni have been hired by leading accounting and consulting firms such as Deloitte, EY, KPMG, PwC, and McKinsey & Company, while others have secured positions in finance and data analytics with companies like Amazon, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, and Google.

Our alumni have also been placed in various industries, including healthcare, technology, retail, and manufacturing.


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2 thoughts on “Dream to work in the US is now possible with CPA”

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