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Embrace the Power of Navratri: Be Future Ready!

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Embrace the Power of Navratri: Be Future Ready!

“Navratri” is Sanskrit for “nine nights.” The word “Nava” means “nine,” & “Ratri” signifies “night.”

Night allows you to rest and rejuvenate. You spend the night turning within as you sleep, and in the morning you feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Similar to this, Navratri, often known as the “nine nights,” is a season of the year when you can receive profound rest. This prolonged period of rest promotes creativity, deep relaxation, and escape from all kinds of hassles.

Navdurga, each of Durga Devi’s nine forms stands for one of nine different qualities. Devi Shakti is the primal source of invisible energy that nourishes and sustains this world. The nine various facets of the Mother Divine, also known as Nav Durga, are honored and celebrated throughout Navratri.

Take control of your career and receive global recognition!

Get rid of the demon in your career for good!

This Navratri, advance your career in finance and accounting with the worldwide recognized CPA certification, land a job with one of the Big 4 or top MNCs, and establish your global credibility!

So, on this Navratri let us gather all the wisdom and shape our careers by adding positivity.


Devoted to Devi Shailaputri

May you reach greater heights in life with career opportunities at MNCs + BIG 4


Devoted to Devi Brahmacharini

May you live with global credibility and concentrate on the most important things in life.


Devoted to Devi Chandraghanta

May you find serenity and harmony in a single attempt by centering your thoughts on a single idea.


Devoted to Devi Kushmanda

May you gain inspiration, and radiance, and get the opportunity to learn from the person who created the Indian CPA/CMA ecosystem – Jain Varun


Devoted to Devi Skandamata

May you develop the abilities and knowledge necessary to deal with the abundance of wisdom and prosperity through blended learning.


Devoted to Devi Katyayani

May you have a career evaluation, overcome every hurdle in your way of progress, and pass all 4 exams in 1 year.


Devoted to Devi Kalaratri

May you be endowed with the ability to impart knowledge while receiving 360-degree support.


Devoted to Devi Mahagauri

May you have the ability to satiate all your aspirations with 240%+ Placement Rates.


Devoted to Devi Siddhidatri

With the support of 220+ MNCs Recruitment Partners, may you have the fortitude to accomplish the seemingly unachievable!


The first prerequisite for victory is the desire to conquer. So, in order to experience the thrill of victory, accept the challenges.

Embrace the opportunity to earn 10 LPA by being future-ready with Miles!


This Navratri may the divine blessings of the Goddess bring eternal peace and happiness and protect you from wrongdoings and grant you wisdom, empowerment, and strength. 


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