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My journey from MBA to CPA to one of the Big 4s


My Journey From MBA to CPA To One Of the Big 4

“Back in 2015-17, I didn’t have a post-MBA goal, nor did I imagine that I would be a
US CPA and walk out with 2 job offers right at Ahmedabad,” stated Pravesh Kaswa, as he vouched for Miles!

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MBA did land me with a decent KPO job, it was just the US accounting task that I was handling back then, which made me rethink my growth trajectory. As a due process to make my global accounting journey official, I decided to take up US CPA. I have been warned a few times that getting a US CPA certification is easier said than done. I didn’t let my gird down and chose to go with Miles. 

For the first few months, I attended CPA classroom training sessions in Ahmedabad which helped a lot with the transitioning to accounting. I remember that the classes stretched for 8 hours straight with long doubt clearing sessions after each class. Eventually, I was called back to Jaipur, I continued studying from recorded CPA video lectures shared by Miles. I am one of the lucky ones who tried both the classroom model and the offline training for CPA at Miles. I would say, both the experiences went very smoothly and I never faced any difficulty throughout the journey.

When you are at a full-time job, the work-study balance is yet another difficulty you need to cope with and manage, yet the preparation went as planned. After writing the first part, I made sure to fix my timelines. For exam preparation, with Miles CPA coaching it took me 2 months and a daily, dedicated four hours of study and I cleared my CPA parts with flying colors. 

CPA aspirants alike, often ask how I cleared CPA with a full-time job – I always advise that Miles CPA review materials are enough to clear your CPA exams. My senior colleagues did ask me to refer to a few other foreign review materials to ensure that I am not missing out on updates. In my opinion, getting the cutoff for the exam is more important than attempting risky questions.

The videos were my ultimate guide and the online test bank from Miles extensively covers the entire CPA curriculum which helped me to build up my confidence for the exam. For those who would be appearing for the CPA exam, practice the question bank at least twice if you want to clear your CPA exams at one go, it’s a tip that worked wonders for me. 

What surprised me more is Miles’ prompt placement team. After clearing my CPA exam I got 2 placement offers, both in Ahmedabad. The first offer was of an innovation growth driver at a startup in Ahmedabad in an ‘Analyst’role. Later I was selected as a full-time job at Ernst & Young as an ‘Advanced Analyst’ position. 

Be a CPA in 12 months and kick start your career: cpa, us cpa, cpa course, cpa exam, cpa canada, cpa in india

I would say CPA gave me an extra edge to my MBA.  Those who are looking for opportunities with CPA can go up the road and work out an accounting job at Big 4s. Thanks to Miles for making CPA happen and I am enjoying my new job at Ahmedabad.

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