Is the CPA Course a Millstone or a Milestone to Career Success

Is the CPA Course a Millstone or a Milestone to Career Success?

Imprisoned by doubts about whether to pursue a CPA course would hamstring your academic or professional journey? Or perhaps thinking of giving up one dream to pursue another? Balancing work and study to match the evolving job market environment has become the biggest challenge for students and professionals today. This does not mean that they had to give up on upgrading their skill sets to expand their knowledge horizon!

Walking to a job interview with a CPA certification alone may not win you a ticket into the organization when your work experience stands at zero. While scaling experience may not provide you a wide recognition in an organization. Hence the bottom-line solution to solve the grey area between work experience or CPA designation is you need to have both.

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Taking up a US CPA course does not harm your professional life or hinders you from seeking an opportunity to gain professional experience. Certified Public Accountant credential opens a wide range of benefits to the pursuer. Let’s look at some unique facets of US CPA certification and how it helps students and professionals balance career progression with upgrading skills through US CPA qualification.

Experience-Qualification Conundrum

The business world needs people with core competencies – who are able to solve problems, make strategic decisions, and lead organizations. In this case, your skills may be of value but when it comes to executing decisions or leading a project you need authority. One of the viable ways you notch managerial positions is by pursuing a US CPA review course that allows you not just to build business plans but put them into action.

Global Credibility of a CPA

Very few accounting or business professionals get opportunities in companies to explore their career horizons beyond the national boundaries. You must be wondering sometimes how colleagues below your rank get opportunities to go on a foreign trip to strike deals with international companies and build a global clientele network? The secret to that may be a simple global accounting credential like a US CPA license! Yes, US CPA courses are in-demand accounting certifications that help accountants and tax professionals with a global license to deal not just with national jurisdictions but global firms.

The CPA Designation

Business corporates while planning their skill investment place a keen eye on what sort of expertise do they hire into the company. And when it comes to accounting professionals, the spotlight is on their titles more than the experience they have gained in the field. Hence, accounting professionals to avoid any such disruptions in their career journey can take up US CPA Review courses that would keep their foot strong while being interviewed and verified on eligibility for prospective accounting roles. So accounting certifications can become an Achilles tendon to professionals who aspire to scale career growth.

Payscale of a CPA

Many are under the impression that payscale is defined by experience, but that’s actually not real in the case of accounting professionals. One of the advantages that accounting and tax professionals get by taking accounting certifications like US CPA is they land you in multiple work settings at Big 4s and other government, private entities, and NGOs that enhance their earning potential. Moreover, during job interviews, recruiters look for experts and specialists more than generalists, hence CPAs win the negotiation compared to experienced accounting professionals as they are specialized in taxation, auditing, IT assurance, and advisory services. According to Payscale, we find that the average salary that an entry-level CPA gets is about 6-7 LPA (10-15% above normal accounting professionals). So, be it academics or job, CPA Review courses become a launchpad to higher career growth more than a disruption.

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