Join us for a Live Webinar on Roadmap to CPA on 24th April 2022

Join us for a Live Webinar on Roadmap to CPA on 24th April 2022

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest – Benjamin Franklin

US CPA = Passport To Your Global Career
Guaranteed jobs in India & US

Resolve to add CPA after your name in 12 months and give a start to your global career! An opportunity to work in the US for 3 years.

Enroll with Miles Education, (largest international CPA review) and be future-ready. With Miles, you have “guaranteed jobs” and now also a “guaranteed pathway” to working in the US. From CPA eligibility, evaluation, state board selection, CPA exam preparation, exam application to licensing – get all your answers on the webinar.

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Did you know?

  • 80%+ CPAs in India are Miles Alumni
  • Miles’ lead instructor, Varun Jain, is world’s favorite CPA & CMA instructor
  • Miles CPA exam pass rate is 82%+
  • Miles placement rate is 240% (unbelievable, yet true!)
  • Fresher CPA annual salaries: 6-8 lakhs in India, $60K – 80K in US
  • Experienced professionals get 40% – 600% salary hike after CPA

Join us for the US CPA roadmap webinar this Thursday, 24th April 2022, at 5 PM IST, by none other than Varun Jain, the world’s favorite CPA & CMA instructor.

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