Miles Education: The Godfather of Accountants 📚💼

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Miles Education: The Godfather of Accountants

🌟 The Backstory: 

Accounting, once considered a less glamorous career choice, has witnessed a remarkable transformation. In 2010, the accounting industry in India faced challenges with poor compensation and limited career growth options, while other professions like tech were taking center stage. But Miles Education had a vision and a burning desire to revolutionize the accounting landscape for the better.


🚀 The Journey: 

Since 2011, Miles Education has been the driving force behind empowering Indian accountants to excel on a global stage. Recognizing their immense talent and potential, Miles Education embarked on a mission to create new opportunities and fast-track accounting careers without sacrificing years of hard work. We knew partnerships were essential, and we tirelessly secured relationships with the prestigious Big 4, opening doors to global job opportunities for Indian accountants.


💡 The Innovations:

Miles Education’s relentless pursuit of excellence led to groundbreaking innovations in the accounting field. We partnered with leading colleges across India to introduce aspiring accountants to the US CMA program, setting them up for success in the industry. Additionally, we championed the cause of Indian CPA aspirants by helping bring the CPA exams to India, eliminating the need for costly and logistically challenging overseas travel. These initiatives marked significant milestones in our journey.


💥 The Ripple Effect: 

At Miles Education, we understand the power of our actions to create positive change. In 2021, we championed the cause of young accountants trying to establish their careers in India. By persuading two of the Big 4 accounting firms to hire fresher accountants at INR 10 lakhs, we triggered a ripple effect throughout the industry. This led to a remarkable 35% increase in compensation benchmarks for accountants across the country, enabling them to build sustainable careers without compromising financial stability.


🌍 The Global Outlook: 

Recognizing that Indian accountants deserved the chance to work globally and gain international experience, Miles Education filled the missing piece of the puzzle. In 2022, we proudly introduced the US pathway, empowering accountants to realize their dreams of a truly global accounting career. Just like their tech industry counterparts, accountants can now explore exciting opportunities in the US.

💼 Miles To Go: 

In 2023, Miles Education’s purpose takes on an even greater magnitude. We recognize that accountants hold a vital role in saving the global economy. This realization fuels our deep sense of responsibility as we accept our role as the Godfather of Accountants and lead them from the frontlines, empowering them to make a difference and contribute to society. We are committed to shaping the future of the world economy and enabling accountants to fulfill their purpose of saving the global economy!


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