REG – A Poem

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reg a poem

Ladies and gentlemen, Lo and behold!
We have a story that’s never before told,
Let’s talk about CPA, the 4 subjects, the cold,
REG, FAR, AUD and BEC – this is going gold!
Before we start, we had a change of mind,
Let’s drop the cold and CPA topics behind,
Let’s put the spotlight on 4 subjects, be kind,
Let’s rank them based on how they notoriously shined!
FAR is comprehensive, but we can give it a break,
BEC is love, it is like eating a cake,
AUD is theoretical, you can risk all your stake,
REG is notorious, it’s like tickling a snake!
Now that we found the notorious one,
Let’s let go of the peace-loving priests and nun,
Wearing a red-suit, a cape, and a gun,
Stands in front of you – REG, a monstrous son!
Adorned in red, this monster breathes only tax,
Wondering about its weapon of choice? A sharp axe!
Rules, regulations, laws, and acts are in stacks,
The pain of studying is like when your skin meets hot wax.
Let’s do some deep dive to understand this buck,
Individual taxation and C-corps? Not the topics to chuck
Statutory regulations and Business Law? Often left to luck,
Every topic is like bad traffic, you’re just stuck!
Flipping pages, solving questions, makes you go ‘Arrghhh’
Exam date, the pressure, makes you go ‘Ughhh’
New topics, the sections, make you go ‘Uh’
Meanwhile, the arrogant monster in red goes ‘Duh’!
Scared of the monster already? Giving up? Depressed?
You can defeat its notoriety! Not kidding! Impressed?
All you need is revision, a smile that’s confidently dressed,
Yes, this is where the story ends as you have guessed!

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1 thought on “REG – A Poem”

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