Take your US CPA Exam before the Tide Comes

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Take your US CPA Exam before the Tide Comes

Before appearing for the US CPA Exam, you need to be aware of the CPA exam evolution on the horizon. If not, this article is worth a read, and in case you are already aware, this article would help you understand the scenario better. NASBA and AICPA are responsible for the CPA Exam curriculum and they periodically update about the exams.

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Now, why do you think the module is updated in regular intervals?

Well, the upcoming CPA Evolution will put a greater emphasis on the use of technology in accounting, auditing, and taxation. The new curriculum will ensure that all CPA exam candidates get some exposure to key tech skills, with audit covering the most tech topics. However, the new exam will contain “discipline” tracks, including the option of focusing on Information Systems and Controls specifically.

The ISC discipline will cover topics related to assurance or advisory roles related to a client’s business processes, information systems, information security, and governance and IT audit. For those students who opt for a different track, they will have the opportunity of focusing more specifically on Tax Compliance and Planning or Business Analysis and Reporting, with a greater emphasis on technology and analytics skills.

Accountants must develop new-age skills as business practices evolve in a continually changing world. Both organizations have gathered input about the skills required for the upcoming CPAs from stakeholders like the State Boards of Accountancy. The purpose is to ensure that future CPAs have the ability to handle tomorrow’s accounting challenges.

The accounting profession is always evolving, incorporating new technologies, skills, and best practices. The CPAs’ job responsibilities are vastly different today than they were even 20 years ago. Hence, the steps to licensure must evolve in parallel with the profession. As the accounting profession changes, so does the CPA Exam licensure paradigm. Newly certified CPAs must adapt to these developments in order to meet the profession’s skill set requirements. The CPAs are expected to do more advanced tasks and contribute to increasingly complicated projects.

Now, the new CPA Exam evolution will not be implemented until 2024. Though there is no harm if you are appearing for the CPA 2024 exam, in case you are one of those who does not want to fall for these hazards, you need to be prompt in your action. Hurry up and get registered for the CPA course at the earliest. Be a CPA in 12 months with Miles. This talent company is the World’s largest course provider. With Miles Education, you will be future-ready! Experience the mentorship of the country’s leading CPA faculties.

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