What Are The Other/Off-Beat Career Prospects That You Can Take Up After CPA?

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Career Prospects That You Can Take Up After CPA

If you are an accountancy student, then you might have heard that your life is settled once you get the CPA certification. Traditionally, you would either enter the field of public accounting or private accounting.

If you go into public accounting, you would be handling the taxes, auditing, or providing consultation for various businesses through your firm. If you choose private accounting, you would be working for a single firm and handling its accounting needs.

While both of these are popular options – and many do find job satisfaction in these roles – what if they don’t excite you?

Luckily, you can fulfill your inner thoughts and wishes with plenty of off-beat career prospects that make your life as an accountant an exciting one.

Off-beat Career Prospects for Licensed CPAs

While these unconventional careers may sound exciting, the key to finding the right match is to select a career that aligns with your interests or passion. If you start working in an unconventional accounting job but do not enjoy it, it’s really no better than picking a traditional career path.

However, if you do find a job that aligns with your interests, you can escape the dreaded 9-5 circuit and get paid to do something you’re passionate about. Try these off-beat accounting jobs that combine your interests for a rewarding career.

1. Corporate Entertainment Accounting

Would you love to be a part of the entertainment industry for a living? While making films and starring in them are the face of the entertainment world, financing them is the backbone. Movies and video production involves a lot of monetary transactions.

Becoming a corporate entertainment consultant is a great way to see another side of the entertainment world. You get a chance to understand the inner workings of the industry. As an added bonus, you may get to meet celebrities or even get invited to star-studded events.

You can either join the accounting division of film studios or production houses or join a firm specializing in handling the accounts of entertainment-related businesses.

2. Accounting Software Developers

An accountant who is also good at programming? Doesn’t that sound amazing? The intersection of people who know accounting and can work as software developers is minute. With the rise in the number of accounting software, many software organizations are looking to hire CPAs who can also code.

If you aren’t a hardcore programmer and feel unprepared for this unique career path, don’t worry. Just the knowledge of software development combined with your accounting skills can get you your dream job.

You can guide the developers with your accounting knowledge so that they can create software that can solve all the problems faced by CPAs in traditional jobs. The global accounting software market is currently expanding at a good rate, so this is the right time to enter the field if you want to broaden your horizons.

3. Forensic Accounting

Are you fascinated by the idea of fighting crime and solving mysteries? If yes, then forensic accounting might be a suitable career choice. As a forensic accountant, you will mostly work with law enforcement agencies to solve financial crimes such as embezzlement, money laundering, fraud, etc.

In this unconventional job role, you will apply the principles of accounting to find irregularities in various transactions. However, you must be well-versed in the laws surrounding taxes and frauds to succeed as a forensic accountant.

Apart from law enforcement agencies, many firms also hire forensic accountants to examine and prevent financial irregularities or crimes in the organization. If the need arises, you may have to testify in court and explain your findings.

4. Entrepreneur

If you hate working under someone else and want to be your own boss, then becoming an entrepreneur is a great career choice. While a CPA license is not mandatory to start your own business, a keen understanding of finances will definitely help you set it up.

You can start a business in the accounting and financial domain or choose an entirely different industry. The skills and discipline you have developed while preparing to be a CPA will help you in every industry. Irrespective of what you are selling, money is money – the basics of handling your finances do not change much.

5. Investor Relations Specialist

An investor relations manager is the bridge between an organization’s investors and corporate managers. As an investor relations manager, it will be your responsibility to keep the investors up-to-date on all developments regarding the company’s equity.

You will have to answer queries from the investors, release crucial information and provide feedback to the management. The IR manager is also responsible for holding press releases and shareholder meetings and deciding what information should be disseminated at these events.

Apart from collecting information, you will have to create financial models, perform data analysis, interact with equity research analysts and create presentations and data visualizations.

6. Sports Team Accountant

A sports team is like a firm. They have payroll, pay taxes, and have to create and set budgets, just like any other organization. Many large teams have a financial team dedicated to handling all of this.

Not only do you get to ensure the smooth working of your favorite sports team, but you would also get additional perks such as tickets to events and a chance to meet famous sports stars. Another perk is that the accounting team for a sports team is usually small, allowing you to don many hats at work. It will truly help you diversify your skills.

In Conclusion

Accounting is an exciting and evergreen field. Irrespective of the state of the economy or advancements in technology, CPAs will always be in demand.

But being an accountant doesn’t mean you have to do a regular job. After all the time and effort you put into clearing your CPA exam, it would be a shame if you end up not liking the job you pick. This is why it is worth exploring off-beat career options for licensed CPAs.

By being aware of all the options, you stand to make the right career decision and will have fewer regrets.

Author Bio: Bryan Kesler


Bryan Kesler is a renowned CPA exam mentor and also the founder of CPA Tutor Boost. He aims to provide affordable tutoring solutions to smart accountants struggling to pass the CPA exam. Find his resources and connect with him at cpatutorboost.com.

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