Finance Transformation: Deal With The Major Challenges

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Ask a group of CFOs if they are prepared to implement financial transformation efforts, such as enhancing decision support, streamlining global finance operations, and bolstering risk management around the dinner table and you might be surprised by the answers you receive. Although there are many different aspects to finance transformation, a complete overhaul is not always necessary.

The priorities and problems faced by each finance organization will vary. As long as efforts remain focused on helping the business achieve growth, improve efficiency, and manage risk and compliance, an ad hoc strategy can equally readily lead to meaningful, value-adding financial transformation. Redefining the finance operating model with data analytics in finance for one organization may be part of the change. It might involve consolidation onto a single financial system and the introduction of a new planning and consolidation tool for a third. Alternatively, the entire financial department may need to be redesigned.

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Digital in finance is already expanding beyond scholarly debate. The exponential possibilities of digital are being recognized by finance leaders. Frequently, the impetus comes from the front end of the organization, where digitization is fundamentally altering how we live, work, and unwind. Additionally, there is a greater focus on making finance procedures straightforward, user-friendly, and nimble as millennials enter the workforce. It is rightly said that the need of the hour is digital finance!

As a service industry, finance companies expand along with the businesses they support. Different finance operating models for distinct areas and business lines are frequently produced by this evolution. The resulting unpredictability drives up expenses and encourages activity duplication.

Leading businesses are standardizing transactional and business support services across countries and business units using a unified and consistent global finance operating model.

Based on factors including cost, location, internal staffing, and outsourcing resources, these firms carry out the proper operations and provide a suitable combination of services.

Expanding the usage of shared services and centers of excellence may be part of a global strategy to boost efficiency without sacrificing quality or control. With the establishment of common financial planning and analysis tools and the uniform application of procedures from area to region, business choices may be supported. Leading companies also make use of a global talent pool, hiring individuals from abroad as necessary to fill leadership and managerial positions as well as for commodities services.

However, trying to severely concentrate finance in a decentralized company is a formula for disaster. The degree to which an organization centralizes its processes should be defined by its business operating model. After that, standards outline roles and specify service levels to ensure consistency.

The demands on the financial organization have grown and will continue to do so. If finance is to meet the requirement to create company value while carrying out its increasingly complicated functions and responsibilities, it must expand on its capabilities and contribution. A la carte approaches will ultimately make financial transformation a more rewarding, enriching, and value-added endeavor.

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