What’s in Store for Full-Stack Development in 2021 and Beyond?

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What’s in Store for Full-Stack Development in 2021 and Beyond

Mobile applications are consistently gaining momentum across the world owing to faster internet speeds, rising web access penetration, and the development of smartphones. They can be hosted on the web or installed on smartphones. It has never been a more interesting phase for developers to create leading-edge web applications that have a modern back-end framework collaboratively facilitating more front-end clients over the web. This is the tough job of full-stack developers that we can witness such results. The key objective of full-stack developers here is to maintain the smoothness of every component of the system, from patching the kernel to rescaling the images.

Full-stack development is one of the areas in this era of digitization where web development is no longer confined to the sphere of pure JavaScript, HTML, and CSS and on the front-end, and Perl/PHP on the back-end. There are myriads of web frameworks, new languages, and tools to pick for any web application development. The software professionals work in the fusion of front-end and back-end development, that is, the development of databases, computer programs, interacting with the application, and creating GUI for clientele.

Read along to know the key tech trends that will grab the eyeballs of full-stack developers, and once you keep track of these trends, you will be an expert.

Evolving Language Trends

Full-stack developers mostly bank on the most prominent and trending programming languages given their adaptability by hybrid apps. Case in point, JavaScript (JS) is the most popular development language.

Always at the start of the project, it is essential to identify a programming language that you will use for the entire project. It is one of the most crucial decisions and it directly impacts the project outcomes. If you want to prevent any fallbacks or issues going forward, you have to go for the wisest technology with large-scale community support.

As per a recent survey, Node.js (49.9%) is the most used language for building web applications followed by Angular (39.6%).

Other trends following are .NET core, React, and spring. If you are a full-stack developer, keeping yourself armed with the changing language trends will keep you and your profile sharp as a tack. Smart businesses and entrepreneurs need people like you to stay ahead of the curve.

AI to Play Huge Role

Artificial intelligence (AI) has got past being just a catchphrase now. It is predestined. Many businesses have realized the importance of AI in their processes, systems, and products and are reimagining the employment of the tech concept.

Also, AI has gained ground in the commercial sphere with common people getting knack at something as groundbreaking as AI. From the recommendation engines of OTT platforms to the chatbots we interact with, we come across more AI day in and day out.As such, it will become more and more inescapable in the future and the product development teams of organizations will need full-stack developers who know the nuts and bolts of AI. From developing algorithms to design thinking that would analyze customer behavior, they would clear up most of the challenges without having organizations source a new team.

Furthermore, the demand for AI-exposed full-stack developers just increases manifolds in industries such as automobile, healthcare, retail, and e-commerce as the edge they would offer would be valuable to these businesses.

Project Outsourcing Gaining Pace

The COVID-19 pandemic has paved the way for the resurgence of outsourcing in the IT industry. While there was a marginal decline in organizations looking for remote staff and employees, the pandemic had stated clearly that this will be the ‘new normal’ in the future.

With remote jobs and employees climbing up, some of the most sought-after professionals are full-stack developers. Given their expertise, they need not be micromanaged, trained, or instructed how to get around creating modules and processes.

Companies just need to assign them tasks and they would get it done for them. They are the perfect fit in hiring perspectives and one full-stack development resource can get the work of a few other non-full stack developers.

Anything Else?

For companies or start-ups possessing confidential data, having a full-stack developer who is skilled in the blockchain is a must in 2021. It could be a healthcare firm seeking ways to safeguard their electronic health records or an organization working with cryptocurrencies, blockchain application development needs full-stack developers who are skilled in the tech concept.

Moving ahead, the scope of mixed reality (AR and VR) is astounding, and over the coming months and years, we would not only see their employment in gaming or healthcare for pain management but more in commercial and retail segments as well. The sooner the companies onboard mixed reality full-stack developers in their arsenal, the faster they can stream ahead in the near future.

Furthermore, as we continuously shift toward a data-led ecosystem – collecting loads of insights from our devices – we would require an equal count of developers who are proficient at handling Internet of Things (IoT) networks.

As companies become a bubble in themselves, they will require expert full-stack developers who can create proper UX, functionalities, and front-end and back-end technologies to underpin the development and deployment of the IoT.

Also, full-stack developers specializing in IoT application development will have a firm grip on hardware peripherals such as embedded systems, sensors, and so on for a more comprehensive full stack-development approach.

Winding Up

One reason behind the rising preference for full-stack developers is they are versatile, adaptive, and never take no for an answer. They will sit down and learn anything from thin air if they have to but won’t make excuses that can possibly hinder the development processes.

That’s why they are the pillars any organization can have. If you are one of them, continue to keep up with new languages and tools, frameworks, best techniques, tech concepts, and their use cases.

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