Dexterity in Digital HR Solutions is Embracing People Analytics

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Dexterity in Digital HR Solutions is Embracing People Analytics

Let’s first train our thoughts on the impact of digital dexterity as a priori.

Despite the digital divide, India has foreseen a technology boom in the backdrop of the post-pandemic push. The new disruption helped us to rethink the critical role of technology and reimagine how we work, learn, and live with a promising notion to shield the current imbalance.

The most efficient way to be inclined to change is to beat the pandemic-induced uncertainty with agility in using technology. Encouragement lies in directing the purview of the human capital engaged in the organization. It’s all about having assorted skill management plans for the employees who can grow, nourish  & flourish the environment of a corporate habitat.

Over the last two years, the industry encountered a significant dip in hires across industries. Soon after the realities of the pandemic faded, the hiring process bounced back to normal with a significant 89% growth in the job market. Of which the surprising fact is, compared to Aug 2020, in August 2021, hiring for HR/Admins has significantly increased, by 169%.


Unlike traditional people management priorities, the current procurement scheme among the top hires is focusing on candidates with deep industry skills with functional expertise with analytical tools. Search is on for HR skills that are relevant who provide expertise and advice to employees in critical areas like career planning, fostering relationships, and strategic self-development. One who is thorough with HR digital tools is profile sourcing tools and headhunting underpinned by analytics on employee data. Setting up a digital parameter to measure work efficiency and competency would be primary for the future-digital HRs.

The Strategic Uphill

One might ask, what’s hindering the HR digital transformation to take off? 

A simple answer is the need to inculcate vision to achieve digital maturity. Today digital transformations are happening faster than ever. Even after spending billions on the data-digital hype, only 44% of most global organizations are prepared for the projected disruption in the industry. HR digital transformation is only an umbrella term for software associated hardware in replacing traditional mundanes and gives bionic capabilities to derive insights from employee data. The same study concludes that nearly all of the managers and executives polled predict “significant” or “moderate” digital disruption, but just about half believe their companies are well prepared. Companies can, however, take steps toward digital maturity without necessarily enlisting the help of technologists.

Digital disruption is unavoidable to stay competitive in the industry. And, the more we digitize functions, the more we would require data to improvise updates and stay relevant to our predefined objectives. Inturn it evokes strategic to actionable insights in creating employee policies that would bridge the expectation-outcome in relation for individuals employed to the organization.

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Eventually, with time and amenities, it’s possible to take planned steps before reacting to situations, even though HR is programmed to make plans work only 20% of the HR professionals are considered as strategic partners at businesses. Thanks to smart ERMs in making HR jobs easy and making it smooth to chalk coherent actions to up the game for HR shrugging to make arrangements to stem managements at organizations.

Shelving prospects with digital-HR tools

Strategic workforce planning is one of the prime motives of HR functions to fit digital models to churn data and contribute to decision-making processes. As per a recent study conducted by Deloitte, 90% of digitally maturing organizations have transformed their routine process with smart technologies in improving employee engagement schemes. The results had been fruitful for HR managers inadequately regulating the employee performance, behavior at the organization and in predicting root cause and regulating the attrition. Further, it helped them to ideate an adept digital strategy and plans according to the arising digital trend in human capital management.

In this wave of the digital revolution, general HR functions are soon to become automation and data-driven. The industry is adapting to digital-HR tools and has started counting results of digital compensation transformations. As returns of innovation, they are cashing on improved employee experience, enhanced capabilities, and increased productivity with hints of lean changes over managed HR systems. As a part of the metamorphosis, the technology had its prominence over- 

  • Employee payroll and compensation
  • Talent acquisition and management
  • Workforce analytics
  • Performance management
  • Admin controls 
  • Workforce preferences over engagements

The most certain upheaval

In 2020 March-April the most prominent news headlines were made by the most hard-hit sectors and frequent economic downtrends had forced corporations to omnichannel insurgencies as a possible escape from the financial crunch. As per Gartner survey reports,49% of organizations from varied sectors implemented hiring freezes, 27% conducted severe layoffs, 35% eliminated all training, and 27 percent had promotions on hold. The organizations reacted either by having employees work remotely or by finding ways to trim the expenses. As remote working is about to persist, various organizations are setting up virtualized office-centric designs for employee well-being. As a result, it derived a whole new segment of the HR function – hybrid workforce management.

Digital dexterity in HR  digital solutions is more evident than ever, as traditional engagement methods would not draw much impact on the employees behind the screens. Hybrid workforce management will require HR to be technologically affluent to take control of the situation. Only 4% of current hybrid employees or remote workers would prefer to return to the office fully on-site as an option. According to Garter, the hybrid workforce model will thereby speed up the digital transformation, where talent analytics will be the key help HR leaders to-

  • Guide decision making
  • Garner agility and resilience
  • Drive competitive differentiation 
  • Overcome recruitment & onboarding challenges 

This calls to HRs to improve and embrace digital dexterity in the way the HR system works to e-HR requirements to manage both offsite and on-site workforce effectively. As a global movement, digital agility will improve the revenue count, net promoter scores, employment satisfaction, and effectiveness of employee engagement plans in the days ahead.

XLRI-HR ,HRM, People Analytics, hrm transformation, hr analytics

Further, at the brim of recovery from the Covid shock HR leaders are coherently working with CFOs to align investments around the costs needed to fund the new-digital differentiation with data-digital literacy for HR professionals at the priority. According to a global survey, almost 75% of people feel “stuck” in their personal and professional lives. Here is where we need to bench on executive education to accelerate digital HR resolutions in revamping facilities and in promoting organization growth with nurturing the current workspace. 


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1 thought on “Dexterity in Digital HR Solutions is Embracing People Analytics”

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