Key 5 factors HRMs need while choosing new technology

Key 5 factors HRMs need while choosing new technology

We live in a world that is extremely data-driven. A recent study by McKinsey suggests that there are half a billion digital consumers in India and technology has the potential to change the corporate landscape which could lead to creating 65 million jobs by 2025. In the light of this, Human Resource Managers need a shift in mindset while choosing the right technology to fuel business performance, meet employee expectations, high retention, streamline operations and workforce and tap resourceful talent needed for the company. Since the digital world is a cosmos of choices, HR professionals might tend to make fragile decisions in choosing technology to adapt to future working cultures. To ease that process, we have 5 strategic insights that can enable HRs to choose the right and fitting technology to realize desired organizational goals.

Crunch Time and Resources 

Before you test the waters of selecting the new technology for your organization, the right HR strategy would be to build a document entailing the precise and well-grounded detailing about the goals of your organization. One of the edging advantages of HR creating a well-defined goal requirement list is to gain a wide picture of the size and quality of technology required to target expected goals. To get the document done, future HRs need to connect with functional leaders in the company who are the bottleneck for growth and can give you a wide perspective of the future goals and the technology needed!

Deep Dive for Clarity

Technology vendors are numerous, hence resource managers need to conduct extensive research on the type of vendors, their offerings, the service features, brand image and customer reviews. The research process must be more rigorous and analytical as it would help you reveal the bottom challenges your key executives face in their respective departments and thereby help you make a smart choice on HR technology.

Demonstration for Impact

As soon as you decide on the vendor based on the requirements and goals of your company, you need to apply some best HR practices at this point of asking the decided vendor to exhibit the services or portfolio of products through a presentation. The presentation is vital in this process as it can help your executives and stakeholders understand the need for HR technology. But remember the presentation should not be long but short, detailed, qualitative, appealing, and winning where it can help your team and executives take a close look at the value, opportunities, and challenges of his products and services.

Strategic Communication

Technology is dynamic and requires adaptable minds. If the selected technology is not educated to the employees, stakeholders, and executives, it may get tricky. Embedding strategic communication into the HR system can be a smart idea to disseminate information to all possible levels of the organization. Effective communication in a more organized and phased manner can brush out the resistance to technological shifts and breathe an engaging effect among executives and employees.

Validate Decisions

One of the underlining expectations of the human resource team is to validate decisions after a demo of the technology provider. And one of the ways of achieving this goal is to ask the vendor to produce testimonials and references from individuals and entities to whom they have rendered their service. HR at this stage would be able to decide whether the vendor is authorized to deliver a value from the references’ reviews.

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