CFA & FRM Masterclass – Equity Research in a New age

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CFA & FRM Masterclass - Equity Research in a New age

Join an exciting CFA and FRM webinar by Sachit Motwani – a veteran Equity Research with over 13 years of experience in the Equity Market – to stay ahead in the Equity world. As a frontline equity research analyst, Sachit brings to the fore ground-breaking insights and trends that are set to change the equity landscape in the near future. To set you in the right direction, see things from a new perspective, solve problems creatively and build strategic and informed financial and business decisions, his webinar would cover topical areas spanning from – 

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  • Equity Research as a game-changer in the Investment World.
  • A deep dive into the Equity Industry Structure.
  • A Revolutionary Approach to Valuing Equity.
  • Strategic Decision-Making and degree of Risk tolerance involved in growth and value stocks.
  • The IPO frenzy and how the mood of the companies is shifting gears to opting IPOs for investments. 
  • To better engage with Equity Research – real-time case studies are introduced to participants by staging successful new-age companies listed (IndiaMart, EKI Energy) vs companies that gave negative returns (PayTM, Zomato).
  • The emergence of Ethical standards in Equity trading as a subject and its implications in saving the value of an investor’s asset, equity, or derivative for economic advantage by brokers. 

With India aspiring to become a $5 billion economy driven by an investment growth of 50%, don’t be nervous! Miles through this webinar helps you tag a practical experience to your CV and get targeted by the top employers in the finance world.

To register, click on the link provided below –

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