Join us for a Live Webinar on Roadmap to CPA on 23rd December

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Exclusive webinar on roadmap to CPA on 23 December

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”– Mark Twain

Resolve to add CPA after your name by December 2022 and give a start to your global career! An opportunity to work in the US for 3 years. 

Your pathway to work in the US is just a few hours away!

Enroll with Miles Education, (India’s #1 CPA review)
and be future-ready. With Miles, you have “guaranteed jobs” and now also a “guaranteed pathway” to working in the US. 

From CPA eligibility, evaluation, state board selection, CPA exam preparation, exam application to licensing – get all your answers on the webinar.

Join us for the US CPA roadmap webinar this Thursday, 23rd Dec 2021, at 5 PM IST, by none other than Varun Jain, the world’s favorite CPA & CMA instructor. 

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