Dream to work in the US is now possible through CPA

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Working in the US is a big deal for non-technical graduates and professionals as traditionally the opportunities were open only for graduates and professionals with an engineering and technology background. These folks would seek a Master’s admission in the US first and then get a 3-year work permit and finally their employer getting them an H1 B Visa, which was not the case for a non-technical professional. But the worry now comes to an end as leading CPA training centers in India offer a safe and exciting pathway to study as well as work in the US.  Wondering how? Yes, the program is something called MAcc Program (Masters in Accountancy with an Analytics track). But how do you get to the MAcc program? The answer is simple – earning your US CPA eligibility!!

Why do you need a US CPA credential?


US CPA is one of the gold standard & highest global accounting credentials in the US that basically validates your expertise in accounting, tax, audit, compliance and regulation, business partnership, accounting analytics, accounting systems, and ethics. 

The CPA syllabus comprises 4 sections – FAR, AUD, REG, and BEC. The forthcoming CPA Evolution 2024 will bring some exam and structural changes to the CPA course that will empower accounting students and professionals with new-age technology, skills, and broad expertise. 

However, choosing the best CPA review institute in India will gear you to crack the CPA exam much more efficiently and discover a unique pathway to work in the US by seeking a MAcc admission. 

The MAcc edge

From university admissions & placements to visa processes to getting your SOP and LOR, everything is taken care of by Miles Education, India’s largest and #1 CPA training institute in India. Miles has one the largest and most vibrant partnership base and institutional tie-ups that offers its US CPAs a differentiating edge in India and abroad, particularly in the US. To offer a unique program like MAcc, Miles has engaged in a partnership with top-notch universities in the US. This upending program offers students and professionals a 3-year work permit and after 3 years you come back to India to lead global firms. According to estimates, about 80,000 H1- employees getting trained talent from outside the US to the US

Is MAcc possible without CPA?

CPA is not a mandate to pursue MAcc but to get a job, MAcc alone is not enough but with a CPA, opportunities are plenty. CPA becomes your passport and MAcc becomes your visa. The CPA has gained wide momentum in the US companies in India, so CPAs from India traveling to the US are greatly welcomed due to high demand. 

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