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Ace your CMA exams indoors now with Remote Testing!

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CMA Exam

As accounting professionals, protecting your academic integrity is highly important in a digital-driven and competitive business world. Since a high-stakes US CMA exam involves intense preparation, it needs an extensive assessment method to validate that hard work.

To achieve that vision, ICMA brings an opportunity to your doorstep by launching its extensive, secure, and efficient online exam assessment platform ProProctor.

IMA’s ProProctor provides test-takers with a blended experience and a simple check-in process to ace their chance of success in the CMA exams without stepping out of their comfort zone.

An underscoring value that ProProctor strives to achieve is professional advancement among US CMA test-takers through a revolutionary, competitive, and strategic start-to-finish exam assessment experience. To plan your success, we have mapped out key features of how ProProctor can empower your exam journey to achieve the desired results.

Wide Reach 

One of the greatest advantages of IMA ProProctor is that it is global. Candidates from any corner of the globe aspiring to clear the US CMA certification can access and register with IMA. Since the proctored exam is global, you need not be worried about the language as IMA has set the medium to be English.

Since you are taking exams remotely, ensure that your computer system and the web camera are functioning well and have high internet connectivity.

High Accessibility 

IMA’s ProProctor platform is more flexible, allowing US CMA aspirants to check in and register anytime 24/7. The remote assessment window is highly flexible, allowing you to manage your personal commitments and goals efficiently.

The adaptable assessment window boosts your confidence by allowing you to select the time frame and date of your choice to clear CMA exams. This does not entail that exams can be taken in the location of your preference except your home.


ProProctor is designed for all. As the exam assessment method is tech-driven, doubts might be rising among US CMA aspirants as to what kind of gadget would be more suitable for signing up for exams.

To maintain an egalitarian standard and make the platform accessible to candidates from all walks of life, IMA’s partner Prometric has engineered ProProctor to be more compatible with desktops or laptops, rather than high-end gadgets like iPads or tablets.

Highly Integrated 

After you register with ProProctor, the next steps are crucial to cracking your CMA exam. First, you need to clear the room or space that you have designated to take your exams. You might be a pet lover, but shift them to a convenient location to avoid disruptions or noise. Second, remove all preparation materials or any unauthorized gadgets from the room, as the web camera is capable of capturing the space, which can lead to violations of test norms.

Thirdly, you are not allowed to have any refreshments or eatables while taking the exam, as it goes against the exam norms, hence avoid it!


The Prometric check-in process is highly systematic, so you need to be extra careful about completing the check-in process 30 minutes in advance of the scheduled time. Once you start the exam, there is only one 10-minute break allowed by the ProProctor, provided that you inform the proctor, failing to do so will result in the termination of your exam.

A full security scan is embedded in the proctoring process to avoid any malpractice and uphold the integrity and standards of the exam.

Unraveling Potential 

The underlying goal of ProProctor is not to put accounting students and professionals under pressure but to enrich their time management capabilities, concentration, and competitive standards. IMA-Miles believes that the potential of every accountant is a growth promise to the entire industry.

As the impact of professional certification is even more demanding in the current age, IMA-Miles, with its expert and secure exam testing services, strives to elevate your certificate program to new heights.

And now, Miles has cracked the puzzle for Indian accountants to work in the US and is here with an opportunity for you to hear from some of the top public accounting firms in the US.

Imagine a scenario where you could connect with top US accounting firms, showcase your skills, and seize job opportunities. Sounds too good to be true? Well, prepare to be amazed, because Miles Education has made it possible.

For the first time in history, Miles Education and some top US accounting firms are joining hands to organize job interviews for Indian accountants to work in their US offices (in New York, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, and across the US). This extraordinary endeavor aims to provide candidates with a head start on their career journeys and boost their accounting careers.

Overall, this recruitment drive by Miles Education and US accounting firms offers candidates the incredible benefits of early access to job interviews, networking, industry recognition, and accelerated career growth. It is a remarkable opportunity to shape a successful career in the United States.

As the exam window opens, be the first to register with IMA’s Prometric Test Center either in-person or remotely.


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