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How I cracked US CMA with an IMA scholarship

“My CMA preparation was in full swing, I had finished the bulk of the second part and that is when Covid struck! The exam got called off, timelines stretched and the hustle finally got over in August 2020”, stated Gaurang Asopa, CMA.

Ever since I started preparing for CMA, it seemed such a luxury that I never felt exhausted in the entire CMA journey. When you are under intangible pressure to get rid of a hurdle, a pandemic was the least expected scenario. It did shake the momentum for a bit, but IMA and Miles made the process look flawless.

Earn your US CMA in 6- 8 months

I was constantly updated on the next dates of the exam, the Prometric centers were very well prepared to receive the test takes and everything went perfectly well. I believe nothing can go wrong when you are wise enough to pick the right pulse which I felt with Miles.

It was an integrated B.Com course with Christ University where CMA subjects were taught as a part of the regular curriculum which saved me a few extra hours on coaching. In the meantime, I got to know that IMA also offers a CMA scholarship and thought it is worth a try. I reached out to Miles’s support team to get a detailed walkthrough about the procedure and got nominated.

** For those who don’t know – the IMA scholarship is a prime initiative to assist college students in earning their CMA certification which covers – 

  • CMA membership for 3 years
  • Exemption from exam registration fees for both parts
  • CMA assessment tool or exam guide
  • Entrance fees for the CMA exam
  • Free online access to IMA test bank

For those who qualify for the eligibility criteria, and are nominated to 10 students per school per academic year. 

US CMA preparation was really smooth with Miles CMA classes and Varun Jain’s recorded lectures videos. Miles’s test prep guides helped me to brush up on the concepts and essay types weren’t that big of a pain with Miles OTB to practice with.

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I completed both parts of US CMA and CFA part 1,  in my second year of college. In my experience, it went smoother than I had expected. I won’t say it was very easy, it was fairly easy to clear the exams. For first-timers like us, the CMA journey is more about the emotional drive to overcome difficulties when tested to get welcomed by a global professional peer. The bond that I shared with the Miles faculty was incredible. I believe it’s the entire knowledge ecosystem that Miles share for participants for CMAs today, To-Be, and tomorrow.

Earn your US CMA in 6- 8 months

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