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12 Years of Transforming Indian Accounting Careers!

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A Legacy of Transformative Achievements in the field of Accounting:

Over the past 12 years, Miles Education has orchestrated a remarkable transformation in the accounting career landscape. By providing top-notch training and guidance, Miles has paved the way for countless accounting enthusiasts to secure positions in esteemed companies, including the Big 4. As a leading global training provider for US CPA, CMA, CFA, and FRM, Miles has revolutionized learning through a blended model that encompasses face-to-face classes, online learning, videos, and comprehensive concept notes. With Varun Jain, the world’s favourite CPA/CMA instructor, the institution has consistently delivered excellence.

An impressive statistic speaks for itself: over 80% of CPAs in India are proud Miles alumni, a testament to the institution’s commitment to shaping exceptional accounting professionals. Notably, Miles holds the distinction of being IMA’s global platinum partner for CMA, further enhancing its reputation. With a robust presence in over 20 cities across India and an impressive 82% pass rate, Miles is recognized for its dedication to student success.

This transformative journey is fortified by an impressive network of partnerships, including collaborations with 220+ MNCs, including the renowned Big 4, for comprehensive training and lucrative placement opportunities. Furthermore, Miles Education has formed strong ties with 70+ universities and autonomous colleges to enhance student upskilling.

By fostering executive education programs in collaboration with esteemed institutions such as IIM Lucknow, IIM Indore, IIT Indore, and XLRI Delhi NCR, Miles has redefined the trajectory of accounting careers. As we celebrate our 12th anniversary, we remain steadfast in our commitment to driving excellence and forging pathways of success for aspiring accountants.

Pioneering a New Era! Fulfilling Indian Accountants’ American Dream:

Until now, our primary focus revolved around reshaping accounting careers within India, offering a platform for aspiring professionals to secure positions in the prestigious Big 4 and top-tier MNCs. Throughout our 12-year journey, a realization dawned upon us that Indian accountants harbor immense talent and aptitude, and should not be confined merely to India. They can work globally, including in the United States. However, navigating this pathway proved to be complex and distinct from the straightforward process that Indian engineers undertake for US tech jobs. 

The challenge stemmed from the absence of work permits for accountants. While tech professionals pursuing master’s degrees in the US enjoyed a three-year work permit,  MS in accounting did not receive such recognition, resulting in a mere one-year work permit for accountants in the US. But Miles Education identified this pain point for our Indian accountants and worked ingeniously to crack this puzzle!

Miles’ US pathway:

Miles collaborated with leading US universities and converted MS Accounting to STEM by integrating Business Analytics. So accountants pursuing the program with us are now eligible for the same 3-year work permit as engineers! We also cut costs by more than 50%, making this route more accessible to Indian accountants!

Is this an innovation? was a frequent question we received after introducing this program. Well no, it’s just a replica of the engineering playbook, but it’s better because we not only ensure jobs at the leading US accounting firms but also provide visa assistance. In fact, Miles has a remarkable visa acceptance rate of 96%.

Miles’ Addressing the Accountants’ Shortage in the US

The accounting profession in the US is facing a significant shortage of accountants, and this shortage is expected to continue in the coming years.

Statistics and trends that demonstrate the severity of the shortage:

  • The number of accounting graduates in the US has fallen by about 20% since 2010. Source: AICPA
  • There are currently over 1 million unfilled accounting jobs in the US. Source: Bureau of Labour Statistics 
  • The Big Four accounting firms – Deloitte, EY, KPMG, and PwC – have all said that they are facing a talent shortage. Source: Deloitte
  • 17 percent decline in employed accountants and auditors from a 2019 peak. Source: The Wall Street Journal

Miles Education, the world’s leading CPA training institute, has taken the initiative to rescue the US economy from its accountant shortage. Recognizing the increasing demand for skilled accountants in the US, Miles Education is sending its finest alumni to secure top positions in prestigious accounting firms across the country. Being a part of the Miles alumni community guarantees an assured job placement in the US’s top accounting firms. 

Besides our pathway, we’re organizing monthly placement drives. These events help both enrolled and non-enrolled candidates connect with top accounting firms, increasing their chances of securing an accounting job even before they arrive in the US.


As we reflect on our 12-year journey, a legacy of transformative achievements comes to light. 

Be it India or the US, we’ve constantly equipped our Indian accountants to excel across various industries, from corporate to public sectors. Offering comprehensive training and complete placement support, we have consistently stood as the ultimate destination for accounting aspirants seeking to transform their careers.

As the world’s best CPA training institute, we’re also bridging the gap and guaranteeing placements in top US accounting firms for our Miles alumni. The starting salary of accountants in the US is $60,000+ (INR 50,00,000). In the years ahead, our commitment remains unwavering, as we strive to sustain this legacy and elevate the accounting profession to unparalleled prominence.


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