Bringing a CPAs knowledge to Social Media Pays!

Bringing CPA’s knowledge to Social Media Pays!

Never mind what industry you work in, most things have gone online. To keep up with the digital age, accountants with professional credentials like US CPAs are taking to social media platforms to promote their personal brands as well as share their accounting expertise with the public. Not just for marketing purposes do CPAs leverage social media but also to spin off to hunt for new career opportunities. If you are an accounting, audit, or tax geek, you would not simply post things just for the sake of publishing on social media platforms but with a driven purpose or to create value. Yes, social media is one of the flexible platforms where you can naturally start to tell your story and brand. 

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Make sure your information is fresh and new, not boring and disengaging. Start telling your story through blogs. Blogs have the power to generate followers to your ideas on accounting and tax trends. Writing blogs can help you become a differentiator in the field of accounting and understand the customer base and generate leads. Writing online can even develop into a gig with some potential clients like Bloomberg, Accounting Today or Forbes, or even any leading accounting publisher. The value is how better you put yourself out there! Online writing can only help you educate people but also expand your networking capabilities. 

Patience is extinct in a fast-driven world, but still, you can cater to readers with less attention span more effectively using TikTok or Youtube. CPAs have given a try to TikTok/Youtube by posting short videos. Tax for instance is one of the dreadful concepts for accounting grads to understand. But as CPAs, it takes you no time to convert dreadful tax concepts into simple and engaging bite-sized video clips with real-life examples. This requires no big investment except a phone or any handy device that can make your ideas grow viral and reach global in no time. For accounting grads, your videos on Youtube may seem highly valuable in their preparations and cracking difficult CPA exams and on the other hand, bring you revenue and drive your brand value high with more subscribers to your channel.

Social media is always a place to make an impact and why not Instagram be that platform for CPAs? Yes, to drive personal brand and share critical accounting insights, Instagram has been leveraged by most accounting entities/CPA holders for podcasts and webinars to talk about unspoken things by the traditional accounting generation. This can help you connect with industry experts, leading professionals, and stellar business leaders to talk about pivotal trends in the industry. Podcasts can actually boost your personality by letting people know your ability, competency, and value to the outside world. Webinars can attract more viewers if you could smartly design the content tailored at a 360-degree level. 

There are times when accounting grads and professionals get stuck in conundrums in understanding complex accounting concepts, to navigate their doubts in real time, CPAs as experts can optimize Twitter to address complex areas faster and effectively. Major announcements, highlights, and analyses of news or trends in the accounting domain can get you, immense followers, get your brand instant credibility, and ideas marketable.

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The ultimate goal of students/professionals pursuing global accounting credentials like US CPAs is to land rewarding roles and expand accounting expertise in their respective fields. To realize this you need professional/expert advice which is very well found on LinkedIn. LinkedIn can be a vibrant mode for CPA holders to communicate the experience, industry trends, skill sets required to stand out in the digital and competitive world. Networking, career advancement, and business growth are three underlying factors that help you popularize your presence and make it priceless!

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