Everything you need to know about the CPA Exam

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Everything you need to know about the CPA exam

Certified public accountants are one of the most in-demand professionals in the finance and accounting field. CPAs provide companies with an array of financial support and are not limited to just accounting. A CPA license is recognized internationally. Since these professionals are entrusted with great responsibilities, the accounting industry has curated a professional standard to ensure that only qualified individuals receive the licensure. 

A Certified public accounting certification indicates the high prowess of an accountant’s skills in taxation, auditing, regulatory compliance, and financial analysis. Attaining a CPA certification can boost an accountant’s career, job security and increase earning potential. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants(AICPA) and the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy(NASBA) serve as the regulatory bodies of the CPA exam. 

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CPA Eligibility 

The 55 certification-granting U.S. jurisdictions maintain specific CPA requirements. The CPA prerequisites vary across various jurisdictions. Credit requirements to sit for the CPA exam also differ by district. While many jurisdictions make the necessary requirement of 150 college credits for the CPA certification, there are others that grant provisional CPA exam approval to candidates with 120 college credits. 

Although the requirements vary across the states, many jurisdictions require a minimum of 12 months of paid or unpaid public accounting experience. The experience is to be gained by working with an accountant who holds a valid CPA license. 


The CPA Exam

The CPA examination is made up of 4 sections

The aspirants get four hours per exam section and each section includes subsections, multiple-choice questions, task-based simulations, and case studies that assess real-world accounting competencies. 

The registration for the examination is done on NASBA’s CPA central portal. The verified applicants are then required to schedule their exams through Prometric, which is allowed by the notice of schedule (NTS). The NTS expired in a period of 6 months.

The various regulations, applications, and the entire process of the application for a CPA exam could be overwhelming. With various aspects that need to be accounted for and considered before the application, aspirants could find themselves in a clutter. While dealing with their college, work, or studies, assistance in the examination process plays an important role. Aspirants can rely on training institutes for help and support through the entire process. This will provide them with ample time to focus more on their preparation and execution of the examination.

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One such proficient and experienced training institute is Miles Education. Founded by Varun Jain, also known as the world’s favorite CPA instructor, Miles Education is a leading CPA training institute in India. With over 80% CPA in India being Miles alumni, Miles has been able to establish an unfettered legacy. 

With highly helpful CPA – Test prep guides authored by Varun Jain, with assistance in each step of your pursuit, 360-degree support with NTS, eligibility, and guaranteed placement in the Big 4’s and top MNC’s, get to fulfill your endeavor with ease and get a chance to boost your career.

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