FAR – A Poem

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far a poem

Remember when you registered for CPA?
Remember you ran around for evaluation? Nay?
Important are the books and the materials they say,
Recite this poem, we have something to share!
The number of papers in CPA is four,
All of em’ surely have an accounting core,
Red, blue, green, yellow are the lions that roar,
The king of them in blue is FAR for sure!
How do we express to FAR, our love?
Numbers and Steps and Frameworks, our vow
To understand the concepts, you prepare your land, you plough
Route two is memorizing like a grass-munching cow!
Let’s talk about the subject, the contents, the beat
Most professionals melt from its exuberant heat,
Some also wonder, if there’s an option to cheat,
While the blue lion sits back and sips on its scotch – neat!
FAR starts off with components of financials,
Escalates quick and explodes our brain mantles,
Topic after topic, the menu grows to include specials
Remembering them is like Cadbury 5-star commercials!
Let’s turn to the topics that make you go ‘Eww’
You would be wondering about those few,
They find joy in drinking, these topics, like stew,
Pensions, Leases, Consolidation – this list is not new!
Just when you think you’re done with this, Son,
Governmental accounting calls you it’s hun,
If you think US GAAP was all about fun,
You’ll find IFRS pointing to your temple a gun!
Having said all this, our intention was just to test,
If you have gone through the FAR portion like the rest,
If not, you’re taking the lion’s bullets to your chest,
Don’t worry, this poem’s your armor, All the very best!


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4 thoughts on “FAR – A Poem”

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