Miles’ 3rd Placement Drive: Your Gateway to US Accounting Firms!

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Are you ready to write the next chapter of your accounting career story?

If you’ve been nurturing dreams of joining the ranks of top professionals in the accounting world, then Miles Education has a golden opportunity awaiting you. Miles Placement Drive is the threshold of endless possibilities to embark on your journey in the US job market for accountants to the next level.

Welcome to Miles’ 3rd Placement Drive: Your Gateway to US Accounting Firms!

In our journey to shape the careers of talented accountants, we’re thrilled to announce the third installment of our Placement Drive series. This isn’t just an event; it’s a passport to your aspirations, a ticket to your dreams, and a bridge that connects you to the realm of the US accounting industry. Join us as we unveil a world of accounting opportunities in the US and open the doors to your future success.

A Glimpse into Miles’ Placement Drive

In Miles’ Placement Drive, employers of the top US firms and accounting job aspirants come together for recruitment opportunities. Employers present their insights on the recruitment process, and candidates can prepare themselves to interview for these positions, with the aim of securing employment in the United States. It’s a platform for connecting accounting talent with job opportunities. 

The best part of our placement drive is that it is open to all accounting aspirants, whether they are currently enrolled with us or not. Our previous two placement drives have been exceptionally fruitful, attracting over 75,000 registrations. This time, it promises to be even bigger, as several leading US accounting firms have partnered with Miles Education, expressing their eagerness to recruit skilled accountants from India.

Meet Some of the Leading Players: Participating US Accounting Firms:

GBQ Partners-GBQ Partners is a leading tax, accounting, and consulting firm in Ohio. Since 1953, they’ve been helping people, communities, and businesses grow. They support charities in places like Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, and Indianapolis through volunteering, sponsoring, and giving money. GBQ is known for being inclusive and having a flexible work environment. They’re proud to help local businesses and the community with their services in assurance, tax, and advice.

Linkedin profile:

SB & Co- SB & Company, LLC (SBC) is a fantastic firm that offers auditing, tax help, risk advice, and business guidance. They have really talented people who work hard to make their clients successful. This CPA firm is well-known for being the #6 Single Audit company in the United States. They’re experts in many industries and services, so they’re not limited to just one area. They believe in values like putting clients first, quality, always learning, teamwork, honesty, responsibility, and working together.

They’re proud to be a leader in the market and certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). Over time, they’ve grown and earned respect from their clients.

Linkedin Profile:

Wells Coleman- WellsColeman started in 1945, and they’ve been giving great service ever since. They’re now one of the top accounting and consulting firms in the area. They’ve been helping families and businesses for generations, especially when things change a lot in business. Their goal at WellsColeman is to get amazing results by motivating and helping their people, clients, and community.

Linked Profile:

BDO Alliance– BDO Alliance USA is one of the biggest groups of accounting and professional services firms in the industry. They offer a chance for firms to grow and help their clients better. Firms can use the resources of BDO USA, the worldwide BDO network, and other Alliance members without losing their independence or current clients. The BDO Alliance USA has been supporting member firms for 30 years. It’s part of BDO USA, P.A., and includes over 400 different firms in the U.S. with more than 20,000 professionals in over 800 places.

Linkedin Profile:

In addition to these companies, Urish Popeck, Burkett-Burkett-Burkett, and several other firms are also participating in the upcoming placement drive. Keep following us for the latest updates about our placement drive on September 20, 2023.

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